Lost Girl Episode 4 – Faetal Attraction

Created by: Michelle A. Lovretta

Cast: Anna Silk, Kris Holden-Reid, Ksenia Solo, Richard Howland

Synopsis:Kenzi takes Bo for a wild night out to help her overcome feelings of rejection.   This leads to a one night stand with a married Fae couple.   The next morning Bo receives a visit from the wife of said couple, as she wishes for Bo to kill the young human female that her husband has been sleeping with.

After a long break from posting about the exploits of Bo, now that the Season 1 DVD set is available in Australia I can once again share my thoughts on her exploits with you all.   I will admit that I pressed play on this episode with an element of trepidation, given that I had been disappointed with the third episode.   It may be that my expectations were lower, but I did feel that this episode was a step back in the right direction.   In saying so, I mean that this episode felt like its own story rather than a retread of areas that Whedon’s Angel has already travelled before.

Though Bo’s private investigator role does receive mention in this episode, there is a much larger specific focus on the Fae world, including the difficult position Bo occupies having chosen to avoid chosing the light or the dark side.   Her moral code growing up has her side with humans against either, which successfully lan ds her in a fair degree of hot water.   The fact she subsequently has to face off against a family of Furies also leads to some fantastic action moments, and there are a few plot twists that keep it interesting,even if they are somewhat predictable to anyone familiar with the supernatural thriller genre.

Both Silk and Solo are both more comfortable with their characters, and hence the acting is becoming more naturalistic.   it should be noted that the initially annoying Kenzi is starting to earn her stripes somewhat, and is actually now more a valuable ally as opposed to forced comic relief.   The comic element is still there, but it is more balanced with the other proceedings and as such more welcome.

With an increased focus on the intrigue of the Fae world and politics, this was a great episode.   I hope future episodes continue this trend as opposed to helping others for a negotiated fee.

3.5 stars out of 5


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