Great Treasures at Gametraders – 15th February 2012

Darkness II

The sequel to the 2007 original, the plot of this instalment is written by Paul Jenkins, whom has also written The Darkness comic book series.   Wield the power of the Darkness once more!!   Gametraders Blacktown has you covered, already putting the game on special to make it that little bit easier to obtain!!

Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition

The Ultimate Edition of Fallout New Vegas contains the original game and all additional downloadable content.   So give your Ethernet cables and WiFi Networks a rest, and just get everything now in the one convenient bundle!!

Vinyl Figures and Bobble Heads

The amazing vinyl figure collection continues to grow and add weird and wonderful characters to the line up.   The Wicked Witch can now be paired off with Dorothy and Toto, meanwhile the King of Pop Vinyl musicians is now here, with Michael Jackson making a great addition.   Also, new Bobble heads are available for Mortal combat, and, even better, the one and only Chuck Norris.   How awesome is that???

SR2 Normandy

I have recently been introduced to the joy of Mass Effect, and subsequently to the love of the Normandy.   Gametraders got more in stock this week, so get in and make sure you don’t miss out this time around!

Walking Dead

The source material for the popular HBO television series, Gametraders Blacktown now has a full stock of the available hard cover compilations of the series.    Books 1-7 are yours to own.   It is a set in high demand, as I myself have found out, so get your next needed issue while you can!

250gB XBox 360 Hard Drives

Have you used up too much of your 360’s saving space.   Fret no more with these newly available internal hard drives for the slim model of the machine.   Installation is reportedly a breeze, so upgrading your Hard Drive for once does not mean upgrading your whole system to a newer model.

XBox 360 Kinect Zoom

Do you have too little room in your gaming area to use the Kinect??   There is now a solution.   This device attached to your Kinect Sensor to alter the camera’s view such that it can read movements from a much smaller space.   Clearly, if your room is too small to move in, this may not help much, but if you have enough room to stretch your arms, this device could be the answer to unlocking the full potential of the Kinect for the real estate challenged!

Retro Gaming

Recently, four SNES consoles arrived in store, meaning that they are once again available to sell (finally!!).   This is a highly sought for console, so once word gets out they are there it may not be available for long.   Revisit the golden age of gaming, pick up a SNES yesterday (if you didn’t already!!).


Due to a scheduling conflict, from Next week Great Treasures at Gametraders will be posted on a Friday as opposed to a Wednesday.   So I will be perfectly placed to tempt you all right before the weekend.   After all, the more you all buy, the less money I will bleed into the store myself!

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