Lost Girl – Season 1, Episode 5: “Dead Lucky”

Created by: Michelle A. Lovretta

Cast: Anna Silk, Kris Holden-Reid, Ksenia Solo, Richard Howland

Synopsis: Bo is hired by a member of the Dark Fae to investigate how he was swindled by a human from whom he had absorbed all of his luck.   This put Bo on the track of a sinister body jumper.   Meanwhile, she struggles with her new “friends with benefits” relationship with Dyson, and Kenzi struggles with being just the sidekick.

Continuing the trend of the last episode away from more tacky story lines, this was an episode that, even if it did not keep me guessing all the way through, it did at least maintain a great pace and a high level of interest throughout.   True, not all elements are yet perfect, but the season here is shaping up to be something promising.

A smart move that was taken this episode was to have a larger focus on the Dark Fae.   Up until now, aside from brief appearances of The Morrigan, little focus has been given to the Dark Fae at all, nor what type of ethos they have which separates them from their light peers.   Here we learn that the Dark Fae operate as more of a no mercy branch of the supernatural realm, and making that distinction is perhaps the first step to identifying the bigger picture of what is happening around Bo.

The story itself does start out as relatively boring, the quest being to discover how a human, whom had over a long period been drained of all his luck, managed to win at the races and cheat Mayer, a Dark Fae, out of a large sum of cash which was destined for his Fae superiors.   Bo’s involvement is once again coerced by the promise of learning more about her parents, this time via aid of Mayer’s niece, an oracle.   This particular character was an OTT giggly teen type, and the performance was not all that convincing.   This was the one major blight on the episode.   However, as Bo starts on the case, it quickly evolves from the typical into quite an interesting series of developments.

The subplots also do very well here.   As with previous episodes, and not surprising for a series focussing on a succubus, there is a large focus on sex.   However, just when this was starting to get repetitive, in this episode it was mixed up so that one such scene was used to brilliant comic effect.   I am now also starting to warm to Kenzi’s character very much.   She is the comic relief, yet while her appearances initially grated and she threatened to become Jar Jar Binks, her character is being very intelligently developed.   Not only is she proving a valued friend watching Bo’s back in the romantic realm, but she is identified as a “survivor” by a member of the Fae.   This is perhaps obvious from where she was before she met Bo, yet I can’t help but feel that this reference is building to something big later on.

The oracle aside, this was a really brilliantly put together episode, and it has ensured I will keep watching in the near future.

4 stars out of 5


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