Lost Girl – Season 1, Episode 6 “Food for Thought”

Created by: Michelle A. Lovretta

Cast: Anna Silk, Kris Holden-Reid, Ksenia Solo, Richard Howland

Synopsis: Bo and Kenzi accompany Lauren to the house of a sick Light Fae.   This Fae is an Aswang, a species that feeds on diseased human corpses.   Unfortunately, in her peckishness, Kenzi feasts on what she does not know to be as “foot soup”.   It turns out, this body piece is what made the Aswang ill, and may be fatal for Kenzi.

What is it about the character of Kenzi in this show that divides my opinion so??   I suppose it has something to do with the fact that after every instance that she proves herself to be a valuable and contributing friend, she reverts back to overtly complaining about her lot and doing something incredibly stupid.

It is the latter side of the character which is used to initiate the disaster of the plot this episode, and in doing so, it just felt like a convenient device.   How can someone who is labelled in one episode as a survivor just go and eat whatever food is available in a Fae’s house?   She is fully aware that Bo has a different diet, and yet she cannot extrapolate this to other members of her kind.   Such a poor start did put me at odds for this episode, which is a shame, as after this point the episode is quite interesting, and I may have considered it brilliant if I wasn’t already a bit jaded.

The better elements of the episode include an evolution of the relationship between Lauren and Bo.   The first time they met, there was a certain level of sexual tension, and it is nice to see this beginning to be developed, especially when viewed as a contrast with her relationship with Dyson.   The friendship between Dyson and Kenzi is also further developed, with him taking the opportunity to protect her, and her delving into his true feelings.   Also greatly developed was the character of Trick.   It is clear he is playing a game, yet he shows genuine care for Kenzi.   Part of this makes me wonder whether Kenzi’s safety is important to Trick’s valued prophecy, yet by the same token I may just ber a total cynic.

The episode ends at a cracking pace, and the solution is suitably supernatural and exciting.   It is just a pity that the beginning took a few steps backwards before it began moving forwards.

3 stars out of 5


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