Great Treasures at Gametraders – 2nd March 2012

New Games

A few franchises have release their latest gaming instalments over the past week, and these are a few of what are available at Gametraders Blacktown.

Those that are into snowboarding and insane aerial tricks can get their fill with SSX, a game which had many successful instalments on the PS2 in its day.   Those more into action of a visceral nature can dig in with UFC 3: Undisputed.   Those more into your anime influenced gameplay can enjoy another instalment of BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend.   A few great options to whet an appetite before the really big releases star coming out next week!!

Rare Pre-played Find!

X-Men: Children of the Atom is a classic PS1 title that is incredibly rare to find these days… and a customer has traded it in with Gametraders.   This is perfect for any gamer, any X-Men fan, or any collector of true items.   If you want it, move quickly, as I am hoping to save up for it myself!

Mouse Pads

This (suspiciously well-worn) mouse pad has been sitting behind the counter at Blacktown for a few months now and I have heard many a fellow customer make comment of it.   The staff in store are always quick to praise it, especially as it provides brilliant ergonomic support for one’s button-clicking needs.

They now wish to share this new-found level of comfort with their faithful customers, and have a great range available to sell.   The image above shows just a few of the available options…

Soot Ball Plush

I have no idea what these are, but they win on a cute factor.   I was wrong in assuming they were Tribbles with extraordinarily large eyes though!!

Altair’s Sword

By popular demand, there are now more replicas of Altair’s sword available.   So if you already have a full Assassin’s Creed costume, this is all you need to complete it, scabbard and all!!

Super Mario goodies

The guys were working to get this merchandise out onto the floor earlier this afternoon….   For close-ups, see below.

But wait, there’s more!!

I didn’t get a chance to photo anything from another 48 boxes of stuff that Gametraders Blacktown had delivered this afternoon.   Adrian informs me however it is jam-packed with Yu-Gi-Oh cards for all the duelists out there, multiple Halo action figures, and I think I even spied a V for Vendetta vinyl figure.   So well worth coming down tomorrow to check it out when they have all these new goodies on the floor too!!

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