Mass Effect 2 – A Review by Film Nerd

Console: 360, PC

Developer: Bioware

Synopsis:  Commander Shepard returns in the much bigger and more thrilling adventure as he seeks to defeat the Reapers and determine their connection with the mysterious Collectors.   The opening scenes see the Normandy destroyed and Shepard floating in space.   He is brought back to life by the Cerberus corporation, who may be manipulating Shepard’s quest for their own gain.


It has actually been a few weeks since I completed this game, but as I have indicated earlier a number of factors have prevented me from posting as regularly as I would have liked.   I know of at least one reader however whom would like me to share my thoughts on this central instalment of the franchise, and so now I have a little more time on my hands, I intend to deliver!!

Having Shepard die in the opening sequence of the game may seem a bold move, and yet, it is perhaps this element that keeps the game feeling fresh and not a stale retread of the original game.   Shepard’s team have all separated and pursued new goals, meaning that while some favourites return for the ride, others appear as cameo encounters.   The fact that a sinister group from the first game was responsible for this resurrection also introduces a new level of distrust from Shepard’s former Alliance allies.

This also means there are new spots available on the crew to introduce some great new characters, two of whom feature on the cover of the game shown above.   These characters have a fascinating back story, and successfully expand on the already intricate world that the first game developed.   Some of them are voiced by popular actors as well.   The Illusive Man, for instance, whom runs Cerberus, is voiced by Martin Sheen

Another consequence of this opening was that the Normandy was destroyed, leaving room for a new Cerberus Normandy to be built.   The SR2 has a lot more areas to explore, while still having a number of familiar features.   The bridge feels the same, especially with Joker (voiced by Seth Green) at the helm still.   The Captain’s cabin has been significantly updated and set apart as a retreat for Shepard.   Other areas of the ship gradually become available also, as you recruit new crew and have to find places to house them.   Another addition to the ship is the on-board Artificial Intelligence, EDI, voiced by Battlestar Galactica’s Tricia Helfer.

So it is clear that a lot of additions have been made, and yet they still remain true to what made the first game so fun.   They successfully expand the world, and provide plenty of new story and terrains for Shepard to explore.   The main story itself also does not drop the ball, with a thrilling “suicide mission” to end the game.   Achievements exist if you can get your whole team through (which I did, so hoping to see them all pop up in number 3!!)

I have started playing the third game in the series, but I am nowhere near long enough into it to appreciate what has causes such a MASSive reaction from the fans (excuse the pun).   When I am done with it however, I will share my thoughts.   Hopefully I am able to do so without spoilers, but if that proves impossible, spoiler alerts will be firmly in place!!

5 stars out of 5


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