Great Treasures at Gametraders – Special Edition

Last night was a huge one for Gametraders Blacktown, with the long anticipated release of the limited edition Star Wars Kinect bundle.   With the aid of a Storm Trooper and an Imperial Officer, most of the stock that Adrian had is almost gone.  One of our very own contributors, SchmandaRose, walked away with a bundle, with the Star Wars element finally swaying her to have a 360 in addition to her favourite PS3.

In addition to last night’s fun, there has also been a raft of awesome new stock to appear in store during the last fortnight.

New Games


In addition to the release of the Kinect Bundle, it is also possible to buy the individual Star Wars Kinect game, here for those of us that may already be happy with our existing 360 systems.

The Naruto juggernaut powers forward.   In Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations not only do you get the game, but a booster of Naruto trading cards.   For the ultimate in both video and trading card gaming however, there are still some PS3 copies of the collector’s edition, which comes packed with cards for you to add to your collection.

If the 3DS is your game of choice, take flight with this latest Kid Icarus chapter.   It is also compatible with the Circle Pad Pro.

Yet another continuing chapters video game, Resident Evil expands it’s already exhaustive collection with the latest title Operation Raccoon City.   I am sure the Project Ouroboros guys have been in store for their copies already!

Like many other titles, the Silent Hill saga is available now in a HD re-release.   You know, just in case the thrills of the original weren’t enough for you.   Consider that as a gauntlet thrown down!!

By the same token, if you are a Silent Hill fan and are also in the mood for a new Silent Hill adventure, Downpour is here to give you an all new story within the franchise to work your way through.

Devil May Cry has also received a HD upgrade, with this particular collection available for fans of both the 360 AND the PS3 consoles.

Play Arts Street Fighter Action Figures

After a great deal of interest in the Ryu and Chun Li figures that have been available for the last month, the collection has now expanded.   You can now add Gouki/Akuma and Cammy to your collection

Easter Hours

For those wishing clarification, Gametraders Blacktown will be closed both today (Good Friday) and on Sunday (for Easter).   They will be open from 9am-5pm as per usual tomorrow, with both YuGiOh and Pokemon tournaments running, and will continue business as usual from Monday.


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