Great Treasures at Gametraders – 13th April 2012

There is only one obvious way to open this post.   Today is Friday the 13th, and Gametraders Blacktown understands EXACTLY what this means…

Jason Metal Hockey Mask

This beauty arrived in the store yesterday, and is a fantastic item for a pop culture or a horror enthusiast.   It could also make your Jason X cosplay outfit really come to life!!

New in the weapons cabinet

Gun Blades and Rambo knives are both new additions to the swords cabinet, with these items already selling   For those that may have missed out previously, there are also new steel Key Blades available!

Trading Card Games

Above we have the latest YuGiOh Starter Decks as well as the latest new available set for collectors of Magic the Gathering.   I hear from Adrian that if enough interest is expressed, Magic tournaments may be added to the already succesful YuGiOh and Pokemon comps.

Also, for those that are not yet aware, Blacktown has followed Parramatta’s lead, and is now trading and selling single cards.   You may just find that perfect Synchro Monster to really make your side deck a challenging one!

Ridge Racer Unbounded

This is the latest Ridge Racer title in the PlayStation’s popular racing franchise.   I overheard another regular customer in the store last night already singing its praises, indicating it is quite a challenge with a reliance on drifting to generate boost, but once you get the hang of it, it is incredibly exciting.   Colour me tempted.


Yes, the above image is taken at home, and not in the store.   Why?   With the release of a new wave of Skylanders, one knows to not stop and take pictures, but to just rush in and grab the damn things!   Expect them to be gone within an hour of the store opening tomorrow!!

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