Great Treasures at Gametraders – 20th April 2012

There has been a load of new stock arriving this week at Gametraders Blacktown.   Whether your preference is plush, figures, games or anime, you are all catered for.   Here is a selection of some of the new items available in store.

Witcher 2

This game has been popular for months on the PC and has now made the transition to consoles with this version for the 360.   Will it be the next Skyrim?   Early reports do look promising.

Vinyl Figures and Bobble Heads

There are now new musicians available in the vinyl figures range.   Take your pick from Biggie, Elvis, The Ramones and Ozzy Osbourne!

Also, the Avengers assemble in just a week from now, but you can build your bobble head team now.   Avengers available in this range include Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and Hawkeye.

Hot Toys

This beauty has been added to the front window Hot Toys display.   It is the perfect addition to any Hot Toys collection, and seriously, Michael Keaton’s performance under the cowl was a clearly defining one, despite where the franchise headed under Joel Schumacher’s guidance.


Evil Dead, Nightmare on Elm Street, Mass Effect, all are catered for.   Yes, currently the Mass Effect range is limited, but only as a result of popularity.   Adrian assures me more will be in store soon, with a range that includes Shepard, Miranda, Thane, Grunt, Garrus, Tali, Legion and Mordin.


Admittedly, my knowledge of anime is limited, but I am at least somewhat familiar with the new releases shown above.   Adventure Time has found a soft spot in many a (delightfully sick) person’s hearts, and Fairytail has had a growing popularity, with Collection Three recently available.   And Gametraders is there for all the fans!

Plush and random cool things

There is a stack load of new plush in store, and the new displays make it just that much easier to find what you desire, whether it be from Nintendo, Anime, or Pokemon.   There are also refreshed stock of Sonic hats and backpacks, as well as new wallets, belt buckles, and a lot of new hats to suit your apparel needs.   The creme de la creme though is the new R2-D2 stubbie holders.   After rigorous testing I can confirm they successfully keep your beverage cool!!

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