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Revenge of the Film Nerds was invited to attend the above listed convention which was held earlier today, and we had an absolute blast.    It was a much more exclusive event to attend compared to the larger extravaganzas that are Armageddon and Supanova, and as such had a much more relaxed, intimate tone.   There was a clear horror focus for this convention, with Australian stars John Jarratt (Wolf Creek) and Roger Ward (Mad Max, Turkey Shoot), and Nightmare on Elm Street stars Ken Sagoes, Lisa Wilcox, and Freddy himself, Robert Englund.

Following the welcoming address, photo opportunities were provided with the guests.   The great thing about this was that no one had to miss a panel for the sake of getting the photos that they are just as keen to get as a memento of the occasion.

Of course, Bride of Film Nerd and I jumped at the chance to get this photo with Robert Englund, who was clearly having fun meeting the fans.   For the few photos I saw him take, he displayed this level of energy and animation for each of them!!

The first panel featured Ken Sagoes, a veteran of Nightmare on Elm Streets 3 and 4 (as the character Kincaid), and the first African-American to survive to the sequel in a horror film.   He was also informing us all of his extensive work as a screen writer and a novelist, as well as his work assisting youth.   He was quite an incredible character, and his sense of humour really kept the panel rolling.

He was soon joined on stage by Lisa Wilcox, whom I and most others remember better as Alice.   I for one certainly remember that opening of Elm Street 5!!!   She was quite sweet and genuine, and had her own anecdotes to share of her experiences on set, as well as some of her other endeavours (such as being romantic with Jonathon Frakes on Star Trek: The Next Generation).   I am glad she was on stage with Ken, as they clearly share a great friendship.   She also showed herself to be quite adventurous, as I observed her later on trying the classic Tim Tam Bomb!

There was a break for lunch, before returning to the two Aussies.   These two, Jarratt and Ward, clearly shared an easy friendship, and had some interesting anecdotes from both of their experiences with characters like Mel Gibson and Quentin Tarantino.   Jarratt was perhaps the more vocal of the two, and had a very quick, dry wit.   Of all the panels I attended today, this was clearly the one that made me laugh the most.

Then there was the auction, filled with some fantastic memorabilia.   I must admit, my lovely wife and I got quite excited, and perhaps even a little too animated, especially after winning our bid for a limited edition original Nightmare poster from the film’s Cannes release.   This we of course got signed by Robert Englund, who was quite taken with the poster himself, admiring the artwork and sharing his enthusiasm with us.   He was what you would hope any time meeting an iconic celebrity… genuinely friendly and enthusiastic to share time with his fans.

His panel was the last element of the day, and it was like a keynote address.   Only once before have I been held captivated by a mans  knowledge and love of film, as he went of on many related tangents and shared wide and varying stories from the length and breadth of his career.   For someone who started a website for the love of film, to hear his reflections, influences and meetings with countless celebs was really quite a fantastic journey.

We had a fantastic day today, and wish to thank the stars for coming and being a part of the event, as well as thanking Renee and Robbie for giving us the opportunity to be part of the event.   We look forward to attending many more in future, as given the smaller crowd, we knew we were in a room with only the truest of fans.

Keep posted, as Revenge of the Film Nerds will soon be holding their first competition for readers.   Robbie has offered us some prizes that we can give to our readers coming from today’s event.   Give us a few days to iron out the details, and then find out how you can be in the running.

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