Lost Girl – Season 1, Episode 10: “The Mourning After”

Created by: Michelle A. Lovretta

Cast: Anna Silk, Kris Holden-Reid, Ksenia Solo, Richard Howland, Inga Cadranel

Synopsis: A woman commits suicide seemingly because she suffers guilt after having a one night stand.   Her sister suspects foul play, however, and enlists Bo’s help to verify her sister was murdered.   While on the track of the killer, Bo meets Saskia, another succubus, whom is aligned with the Dark Fae.   Meanwhile, Trick needs Kenzi’s help on an entirely unrelated matter.

Though lacking the intensity of more recent episodes, “The Mourning After” is still a very strong example of good television.   Bo yet again manages to get in over her head, learning more about herself, true, but also discovering she yet has so much to learn.   Her unique talents always prove not so unique, and trouble as a result is right at her doorstep.

The introduction of Saski (Cadranel) is one of those new character elements that, though appearing friendly, never feels genuinely to support Bo’s personal pursuits.   All the clues are there, and Bo cannot see them.   This is both the strength and weakness of the episode.   There is the train wreck element, just waiting to see how she was to be betrayed, and yet the whole frustration associated with us as audience members feeling she is deluded for where she was placing any trust in the first place.   This is a small complaint though, given that Saskia does make for an interesting character… and when the crime is resolved, the perpetrator is a really defining image of everything creepy in this world.

What is a true delight, however, is the continued development of friendship between Trick and Kenzi.   These interchanges between two absolutely diametrically opposed characters make for some of the series most gold moments of comedy.   However, going down the rabbit hole a bit further, these opposites provide some of the greatest moments of character insight.   Trick is clearly more than he seems, with some level of power that transcends the abilities of all the Fae around him.   Kenzi meanwhile, has a great ability for personality insight, with her obvious pickpocket history.   The dynamic works, and I love to watch it.   More of this please!

To say more is to detract from some of the many surprises in the episode.   My complaints from above I do admit are nit-picking in quality.   With a show that has had such a high standard though, the episode’s main failure is purely in a point of comparison.

3.5 stars out of 5


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