Army of Darkness – A Review by Film Nerd

Director: Sam Raimi

Cast: Bruce Campbell, Embeth Davidtz, Marcus Gilbert, Ian Abercrombie, Richard Grove, Bridget Fonda, Patricia Tallman, Ted Raimi

Synopsis: Our favourite warrior against The Evil Dead returns.   This time, Ash is stuck in medieval times and tasked with finding the Book of the Dead such that he can get home.   Luckily, his car, sawn-off shotgun, and chainsaw all made the trip to the past with him!! To truly appreciate this film, I feel it helps to already be a fan of Bruce Campbell.   There is no question that the third Evil Dead film drops some of the more horrific elements in favour of the comedic aspect.   Campbell loves every minute of this, with lines that are sensationally corny, yet at the same time, resoundingly epic.

The medieval setting, as established by the conclusion of Evil Dead 2, always meant that any story was going to be a fish out of water themed process.   It must have been for this very reason that Raimi made the bold move to make this film visually and thematically distinct from its predecessors.   Purists may look at this as not a true Evil Dead film (as indeed, Evil Dead has also been dropped from the title).   To ignore the film on this basis would be foolhardy, because if you have a sense of humour, the fun undercurrent that was always there in the first two films is still very much alive.   Best of all, Ash is front and centre, and as brash as ever after his recent successes.

I am yet to see My Name is Bruce, but I am now very much a Campbell fan.   His brand of over-acting is in many respects quite unique.   Best of all, he knows he is a caricature, and loves playing up to that.   There is a reason that he is a focus of the review, and that is because he IS the film.   There are only very few minutes he is not on-screen (indeed, he even plays his own enemy), and every one else fades in comparison.   Davidtz is certainly suitable as the maiden that catches Ash’s eye, but she does not even do much to stand out next to Campbell’s glorious grandstanding.

With little else to say about the film except “Watch it”, let us all bow our heads and celebrate the greatness of Bruce.   Hail to the King, Baby!

4 stars out of 5


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