Supanova Sydney 2012 – Preview Night

Tonight was the biggest preview night I have attended for Supanova, with the lines far exceeding anything I have already seen in my experience of the two years previous to this.   I wandered the line, taking some great cosplay shots.   Upon entry, I attended the opening ceremony and a panel with the M aster to Paul McGann’s Doctor… Eric Roberts.   I will comment on these later in this post, but first lets look at the cosplay.   There were some fantastic costumes tonight, and I look forward to viewing many more tomorrow!!

The Doctor (Film Nerd) reunites with Donna Noble


The real surprise of the Opening Ceremony this year, to guests as well as hosts, was that Eric Roberts essentially hijacked the event without even stepping on stage.   Every guest there this evening either claimed Roberts was their best friend, or that they owed him everything.   What it revealed is that an actor whom I was only interested in at one time for his Doctor Who involvement I now identify with a man of great humour, and will track down more of his work in future.

Otherwise, it was the regular routine.  A number of guest stars, predominantly from the anime voice actor/comic artist/author realm was invited on stage, spoke for a few minutes, then made way for the next introduction.   This was followed by an OTT but sweet happy birthday moment (this being Nova’s 10th anniversary show), and an announcement that this yeat=r Supanova will partner with Dymocks to publish a Supsnova trade paperback, featuring the best short stories, artwork, and manga provided by Supanova attendees, the best from each state to make the final cut.   I know that some of my fellow RotFN contributors shall be interested in that!

Below are some photos from the opening ceremony;


Continuing on from being the life of the Opening Ceremony, Eric Roberts subsequent panel proved to be very entertaining.   He delighted fans with his enthusiasm for his role as The Master in the 1996 Doctor Who movie, especially as he would happily reprise the role if given the opportunity (did anyone say 50th anniversary).   He also shared anecdotes from his long career, and was always the gentleman, opting to refrain from commenting negatively on some of his acting peers, but always willing to heap praise when deserved.    This is the type of panel where you can discover an actor you have overlooked, and aside from his appearances in Who and The Dark Knight, I had certainly done that up until now.

Concluding remarks

As in previous years, the event started late and subsequently finished late.   However, the volunteers and staff were both friendly and helpful, and the extra time outside allowed me to mingle more with my fellow pop culture fanatics.   It was a successful preview night, and I anticipate waking in a few short hours for the Saturday session.

2 thoughts on “Supanova Sydney 2012 – Preview Night

  1. Looked like a good night and can’t wait to get there this afternoon. Though I am amused on supernova blurb for Eric Roberts mentions a few films (to me he’s one of the “that guys” who are in heaps of films as side characters) but fails to mention his stint on “celebrity rehab with dr drew” (yes admitting to watching reality tv)!

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