Supanova Sydney 2012 – Saturday

As per usual, it is with the Saturday session that the Supanova expo really ramped up into full swing.   There were many great and interesting stalls, a few of which I hope to spend more time exploring tomorrow.   I barely had the opportunity to scan the artist’s alley in any great detail.   I am sure most readers are here though to see some cosplay pics, of which I have taken many.   Following those, I will report on the panels I attended (Mercedes McNab, Natalia Tena, Tricia Helfer) before finishing the post with some of my general thoughts of the day.

Also, don’t forget to check out my report on the preview night, featuring more great examples of fantastic cosplay.

Cosplay Pics

Mercedes McNab Panel

I attended this panel with Bride of Film Nerd, and I think she described the experience best.   Mercedes McNab shares a number of traits with her most recognised character Harmony.   Not surprisingly however, Harmony is a caricature built from someone whom I considered to be quite sweet and willing to interact with her fans.   Not surprisingly, she is full of praise for both James Marsters and for Joss Whedon.   Unlike some panels I have attended, there were no big shocks, but I found the experience quite entertaining, as opposed to some in the past where my attention occasionally wavered.


Natalia Tena

No one could ever accuse Natalia Tena of lacking energy.   She was brutally honest in her panel, at times shockingly so, and she was clearly enjoying every minute.   Very early on, the topic of nude scenes in Game of Thrones did come up, and her opinions on how her primal character should have appeared were very clear.   Many of the audience were in stitches at that point, and though the panel never quite reached that same level of shock value again, she had ensured we were all paying attention the entire time.

 Tricia Helfer Panel

This was the panel I was most looking forward to for the weekend, and I cannot say that I was disappointed.   Many an amusing anecdote was shared from behind the scenes of BSG, an alarming number relating to amusing situations of James Callis uncovered.   Some reference was made to her roles outside of BSG, including voicing EDI in the Mass Effect series, however the panel reached its most intense point where she discussed her acting process in inhabiting the Gina Six.   The level of honesty and revelation had the audience captivated, and it was very brave of her to share those experiences with us all.   Let me go on record here to thank her for doing so and sharing that piece of herself with us.

Side Shows and Food options

If one element was an undoubtedly improved element over previous years, it was the increased availability of food options at The Dome this year.   I enjoyed some classic junkfood goodies in the form of a pluto pup and chips.   However we were most impressed by Sweet Boutique, whose waffles were absolutely fantastic!

On our way to and from this great waffle house, we passed a number of vehicles that should be adored by any self-respecting pop-culture enthusiast;

Final thoughts

As usual, there was a lot to be done, and fun to be had, at Supanova Sydney.   I would by no means claim it was free from complaint however.   After three years at this venue, and ten years organising these events, the organisation could have been clearer.   Not all necessary information is filtered through to thew volunteers, hence mixed messages kept getting sent.   Also, I would have assumed from last year it was clear the venue was too small.   This year, the venue felt even smaller than normal due to the sheer crush of people who were present (the rain kept many of these people indoors rather than a fluid traffic flow.   Brochures indicate that 2013 will be in the same venue.   I just hope then they use more of the Dome, as the atmosphere inside was getting quite claustrophobic.   If the event is to continue to grow, more needs to be done to ensure that there is enough space to accommodate said interest.

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  1. I would just like to say that I was impressed by most attendees’ respectful space given to anyone taking photographs, despite the crowdedness. Most people would pause and stand back or circle the area to give the required space for the photo without complaint. Those that didn’t, whether by lack of notice or ettiquette could not put a damper on anybody’s good time.

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