‘A Home at the End of the World’- Family can be whatever you want it to be.

Director: Michael Mayer

Cast: Colin Farrell, Robin Wright Penn, Dallas Roberts, Sissy Spacek

The Plot: Set in the 80’s, the film follows the life of two childhood best friends Bobby (Colin Farrell), is a free spirited, naive, hippie-child and John (Dallas Roberts) is an uptight man struggling with his sexuality. The pairs friendship spans decades and follows them from small town to big city New York as they form a strange love triangle with free spirit Clare ( Robin Wright Penn). Together the tree from an unconventional family, kid and all as they go through life and the struggles that come with it.

My Thoughts: I was unsure what to expect when I picked up this film. I am a big colin Farrell fan and I had heard that it was one of his finest performances. Little did I know I had stumbled across one of the most beautiful, sweet and challenging films I have seen in a very long time.

‘A Home At The End Of The World’, paints us a very unconventional picture of what family means and what it can be. Here we have a relationship between a straight woman, a gay man and a man who has no real understanding of social norms or labels, he simply loves everyone. It is in this role of the strange yet loving Bobby, that Colin Farrell smashes it out of the park.

This film is so strange in that there is no major conflict, we literally just experience these peoples lives unfold and we are challenged to accept and understand, the film itself passes no judgement on either the trio or anyone around them. The group themselves come under no assault from outsiders, as is so common with films that have gay content, there always seems to be prejudice against characters as it is such an easy and identifiable problem for most viewers. However this film simply lets us observe these people with no real threat to their happiness except from within.

Director Michael Mayer handles the subject matter with simple grace and with a beautiful eye for detail and simple yet powerful shots. This film is very much driven by performance and steady direction.

The performances are stellar all round particularly from Farrell, Penn, Roberts and the lovely Sissy Spacek who plays Johns doting mother. The film caught me off guard and really moved me. I was glued to the screen and it had me with every emotional beat. It is a simply stunning film that should be seen by everyone.

The film captures the 80’s perfectly and with it brings some fantastic music. The film does cover three periods of these boys lives and the actors chosen to play those younger children are fantastic.

Ultimately I have completely fallen in love with this film, it moved me… And considering I am a heartless monster that is pretty impressive!

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