Heroes and Villains – Exhibitors and new friends

The next installment of our Heroes and Villains round-up features a couple of the exhibitors at the event, including an interview with Adrian Harlor of the Gametraders booth (and manager of the Blacktown branch.   He was co-hosting the booth with Jack, owner of the Parramatta store).    We also met the gang at Ninja Monkey, we were introduced to the joys of web comic Crimson Rose, and met the lovely ladies behind Women Talk Sci Fi.   For more details, keep reading!!

First up, our Interview with Adrian Harlor of Gametraders;


Ninja Monkey

Next up, we had some chats with the folks at Ninja Monkey.   Harry Potter fans, this is the place for you, including the best quality replica wands on offer, The Noble Collection.   They also have Hogwarts house banners, flags, apparel, you name it.   They are even getting the highly sought after Draco Malfoy wand within the next fortnight!!

Crimson Rose

Next up we met the crew behind the web comic Crimson Rose.

The synopsis of this series is as follows;

 “Jane, a struggling comic book artist, battles life with her gold digging sister, apathetic best friend and heroic crush while trying to keep her super villain fantasies out of real life.”

Check it out!

Women Talk Sci Fi

Finally, we also met the lovely ladies behind the podcast Women Talk Sci Fi.   Clearly, their interests mirror those of our site, and they have been at it for a lot longer than we have.   They have a fantastic back log of celebrity interviews and general sci-fi material.   Well worth a listen!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for our final piece of coverage of the Heroes and Villains convention.   Tomorrow we will upload our final gallery, which includes all the fun of the cosplay competition, courtesy of Troy Spears.

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