Beauty and the Geek Season 4, Episode 1 – A Review by Film Nerd

Here at Revenge of the Film Nerds, we love our Beauty and the Geek, as you can see in our listed reviews of last seasons’ episodes.   So we are back at it again now that episode one has aired in full on Channel 7!!

The opening meet and greet follows the same formula as in the past.   We meet the individuals, and couples are formed.   This year, they followed the old formula of Geek sells himself to Beauties, Beauties pick him if interested, then a beauty promotes her qualities to the geeks.   Wash, rinse, repeat.   So we will start with a break down of the couples with the more interesting fact about each personality.

The Couples

Jason and Kristy  

Jason is a town planner with ’70s style.   He busted a few moves to impress the ladies and was very quickly successful.   Kristy jumped on up claiming she loves a dancer.   It was great to see such early enthusiasm for both.   Back in the room, he showed her paints, she showed him underwear.   I think it was nerves that had him more interested in her sweater.

Jessica and Nathan

Jessica decided the way to get a geek was to show she is a storage unit, able to store miscellaneous small items in her bust.   Nathan,a programmer who made his entrance inside a Dalek (Kudos!) jumped for her because of her big “smile”.   Nice to see that some things don’t fool some beauties, as she called him on it in the cut-away!!

Rich and Kim








Rich was a favorite geek, being acknowledged as cute by most beauties later in the episode.   Beauty Greta was very interested, even to the point of making some moves on him later in the episode (we all watch it in the hopes of some cross-the-social-divide romance, right?), but when it comes to jumping into getting the geek though, she was beaten by Kim, who has not yet shared many details for a large write up, so let’s get to know her more throughout the season!

Alin and Dane








Alin promoted herself as someone who can rev up crowds, failing to rev up the geek audience in the process.   Dane was suitably impressed though and took her on.   Dane is my personal early favorite geek, with my own background in studying infectious diseases having me identify him as a kindred spirit.   I am also quite fond of his geeky turn of phrase as was on display in the asides.

Matt and Courtney








This is where things sped up for time, so details on each pairing get scant.   Matt is an 18-year-old entomologist.   Courtney ran because he was so shy and nervous,   It was another case of engaging enthusiasm that is good to see early in the comp.

Nikki and Jack








Nikki caught Jack with her fishing rod.gag.   Early indication is that they have not bonded well, however.    I have to say, writing this before the end of the episode as I am, my suspicion is that the lack of data I have to discuss about this couple either bodes very well as we have time to get to know them, or it bodes not well at all, as no screen time is being “wasted” on them.

Chard and Millie








Millie chooses Chard, and subsequently rarely gets his name right.   It is a bit of an episode running gag, but I think she now has it sorted (at least she did before the challenges started.   He is a bionic limb expert, so a potential for the twist millionaire (see more below).

Bree and Oliver








Next to nothing is revealed about these two yet.   Truthfully, all I can recall, even taking episodes note, is that Oliver is a lawyer.   Perhaps another not-long-to-last couple??

Cody and Chontelle








Cody has “never been kissed”.   I am suspicious that as his only descriptor is this means he is the millionaire.   He has no other interest or occupation/study area???   Seriously??   Both the remaining beauties ran for him, Greta came off second best when Cody got to choose, being a blonde lover.   This makes him my least favorite geek so far, being more of a brunette guy myself (love you my angel Bride of Film Nerd!)

Greta and Yiran

So Greta was originally faced with no geek.   Yiran missed the regular entry as he is a medical student, and was sitting a histology exam.   So early fears of an early rejected beauty exit were avoided.   I was glad for this, as Greta is my early favorite beauty.    She strikes me as a very genuine personality.

The Twist

This year, there is once again the now inevitable twist.   It is hard to match the “male beauty, female geek” twist, but a secret millionaire is still okay.   I hope they keep the secret longer than two weeks this time (the length of time it took to reveal the twins twist of season two).   A bit of mystery over a longer period would be of much greater interest than an early reveal.

The challenges

It was an interesting twist for the first Beauty challenge to start the new season.   The how well do you know your geek challenge was not on so much knowledge of personality as knowledge of physicality.   Each geek was in a locker with many holes for hands.   The beauties had to identify which was their geek by touch alone.   After a number of abortive guesses from some Beauties, Kristy was victorious be identifying Jason’s slim wrists and bony shoulders.   First team through to eliminate another couple.

The Geek challenge was the 00-Geek challenge, in which they had an obstacle course to complete and then the chance to use their best pick up line to top it all off.   It was a test of courage and confidence.   Nathan was the deserving winner, really getting into it with gun draws, enthusiasm the lot.   So Nathan and Jessica were the second safe team.

The Elimination.

The usual reasons were given for the nominations for elimination.   Jason and Kristy nominated Nikki and Jack, as they are a team to beat, and yet somehow also one that had not bonded???   Sounds like usual excuses, even when they are a little contradictory.   Nikki acknowledged the truth of the disconnect, yet seemed keen to rectify it to her credit.

Nathan and Jess nominated Greta and Yiran.   As stated earlier, Greta is my early favorite beauty, so it is clear which team I was rooting for.   Before the elimination quiz, it was great to see Rich respond to Greta’s early interest, and try to see if anything was there in case he would be too late if he waited.

As it was, my wish was granted, with Yiran and Greta being victorious.   The beauties got the only question right out of the beauties, giving herself and Yiran a one point lead.   Then Jack stumbled on what was for me a torturous question for a geek to get wrong, answering that Roger Moore was 007 in just two Bond films!!

So Nikki and Jack leave, with quick confirmation Jack is not the secret millionaire (that would have been a laughable twist if he was the first to leave!!).

Overall, promising start to the season.   I have some favorites in Geeks and Beauties, though I am yet to choose a favorite couple.   With a bit more knowledge of each team next week, we will see if I can pick my favorite next week!!


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