Beauty and the Geek: Season 4, Episode 2 – A Review by Film Nerd

Air Date: 11th October 2012

Host: Bernard Curry

Beauties: Alin, Bre, Chontelle, Courtney, Greta, Jessica, Kim, Kristy, Millie

Geeks: Chard, Cody, Dane, Jason, Matt, Nathan, Oliver, Rich, Yiran

Synopsis: It is still early days in the mansion, but already one romance is starting to burn brightly.   It is an episode of the regular style of hilarity, with the ladies having to spell and the guys having to get fashion sense such that they can become photographers of their beauties.   It all ends with an elimination, taking the 9  remaining couples down to 8.


As indicated last night, this post is a day late as a result of reception issues in my local area last night.   So today’s post comes courtesy of the episode now being live on Plus7.   Ahh, the wonders of the digital age.   Anyway, after a bit more mulling over who the secret millionaire could be, the episode jumped straight into the challenges…..


Challenge 1

The first challenge up this week was the for the Beauties.   Bernard referred to it as chicken soup, in which the beauties fished consonants out of a pool of syruppy stock, then vowels out of a pool of feathers before spelling a word with them.  In reality, it was just another excuse to get the beauties in bikinis, a clear ploy for the geek home audience to enjoy.   This is very much a part of the formula for the shows success, this is just to be expected, and it is always fun to see the on-screen geeks’ reactions.

Four beauties were eliminated after round one, being required to spell a three-letter word to start.   Jessica was left stranded in the feather pool at the end of this round, determined to find an A to spell cat, when all she could find was O…   This is one of those moments you hope they are faking their level of intelligence, yet when losing the competition is at stake, one is forced to believe she was being genuine.   Many of these beauties are intelligent in other areas though, so I choose to blame the governments lack of support of the education system for being at blame in this case!!    Political side rant now over….

Long story short, in the final round, Bre was victorious with her word great, making herself and Oliver safe for this week and one of the couples to be doing the eliminating.


Romantic aside

Rich has passions for Greta, so between challenges we had an aside with the geeks helping Rich write a love letter.   This was delivered be mode of paper aeroplane, while simultaneously delivering on some of the early promises from last week.   Let’s all admit it, this is what we all watch the series hoping to see, a romance crossing the divide (one of the big disappointments of last being when the single male beauty snagged one of the female beauties).   So when the timid but cute flirting was over, and the kiss between this beauty Greta and this geek Rich did occur, I must admit there was a fist pumping the air.   It is so great we live in an era when geek is becoming chic!!


Challenge 2

This geek challenge had our intellectual giants as fashion photographers in a beauty lingerie shoot.   They got choice of everything, including attire, hair make-up, and photo setting.   I will share some of the notable shoots…   Rich directed Kim in an underwater theme, shot with her stuck in a bubble, to quite hilarious results.   Nathan meanwhile chose a costume that would have been nothing if not indecent for Jessica, so she was forced to modify it (remember, she was the self-proclaimed storage unit last week).   His idea of a 1940s navy recruitment program had merit though.   Cody was another squirm moment for me.   His idea for Chontelle was a super hero, not a bad idea in itself.   The execution however was appalling.   For me personally the top two were Dane and Alin, Dane having thought about his beauty and catered to her floral interests, and Matt and Courtney.   They went more Leopard print, which suited Courtney, and though Matt as a director left something to be desired, the results were overall good.    In the end, it seems I now think like a Beauty and the Geek Judge, as Dane and Alin were those to come out victorious.


The Elimination

The same old excuses accompanied the nominations.   A teary Bre put down Matt and Courtney as posing a potential challenge.   Dane went with the old “this couple hasn’t clicked routine with Kristy and Jason.   So no potential couple split ups is the most important consideration here as both Rich and Greta are safe.

If I were to make a prediction before the elimination  quizzes started, it would be more difficult than last week, but I do feel that Jason and Kristy have had more screen time, so my gut was that they would both stay.   It was a tight elimination, heading to tie break, but my gut was indeed correct.   So goodbye Matt and Courtney.

In the next week segment, we are informed we finally get to know who the millionaire is.   That was their words not mine.   After two episodes I am not sure if the word “finally” is actually appropriate, and I still feel they do the reveals a bot too early.   I understand they want the reveal to occur before the geek with the secret is eliminated, but perhaps they should have a pre-warned immunity clause that if the secret millionaire is nominated, then he gets immunity that week and we can explore the impact of the secret further.   I feel this has been the one real flaw each season, and am desperate for the formula in this respect to be shaken up a bit.

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