Beauty and the Geek: Season 4. Episode 5 – A Review by Film Nerd

Air Date: 1st November 2012

Host: Bernard Curry

Beauties: Alin, Chontelle, Greta, Kim, Kristy, Millie

Geeks: Chard, Cody, Dane, Jason, Rich, Yiran

Synopsis: Only one challenge was presented this week, with extra time in this episode being didicated to the first two makeovers.   The two winning geeks this week got to be made over, and though in the past the results have been mixed, these two spruced up quite well.   A few more twists were presented this week concerning elimination.

As indicated last week, I am starting to struggle through this season a little bit, for a multitude of reasons.   So much so I am in serious debate about whether to complete my reviews for this season or not.   This week’s episode was admittedly better than last weeks, and my assessment load will be a little clearer next week, but I do not know if either of these advantages are enough to see me through.

The Challenge

The challenge was your typical fair… the boys had to parade around in budgie smugglers, an activity that will clearly benefit their confidence and social skills later on in life.   Meanwhile, the beauties had to field that political/current affairs statement that any beauty queen will have to attempt.   Yep, really increasing their general knowledge and ability to participate in social commentary!!   Finally there was a combined couple talent show.    Ummm, geez, that is sooooooo relevant that I struggle to even find a sarcastic reason that the event would have been included for.   That said, there were a few moments of mild entertainment here, Chard in a pink leotard being one of those moments.   Cody and Chontelle’s talent show moment was fantastic though with them each adopting the other’s persona and affectionately bagging each other.   At the risk of sounding like a contestant on the show, these two seem to have rally bonded, and do appear to be getting out of the show the benefits that it claims it is aiming for…   Chontelle is helping Cody’s confidence, and he is helping her with knowledge and her awareness of wider society.

The Makeovers

It is no surprise that this couple won, just as it is no surprise that the strong pairing of Dane and Alin also survived another week and do not face elimination.   It was these two geeks that have subsequently won the first round of makeovers.   This has been a point of frustration for me in previous seasons.   There have been some fantastic makeovers, whereas others seem to ignore the personality of the geek and just seem to be very ill fitted.   Thankfully, I cannot aim this at these two makeovers this week.   Dane;s new look really suits him, and he was clearly personally delighted with the result.   His reaction was also really nice to see as well.   He was cl,early a true geek that did not know he could look that good, and seeing true geeks get confidence is the one thing I keep watching the show for.   Too often have fake geeks infiltrated the house ( and I think that is the case again this year.   Rich does not appear to have ever lacked confidence, to me!!).   Cody is also a true geek, and though his makeover was not quite as drastic, his new look does suit him.   I was glad he does not feel constrained by the makeover though, as I did see him later in the episode rocking a Zelda shirt.


While the Rich/Greta relationship was not focused on largely, it has in past episodes been quite sickly.   I was on the verge of tagging Dane and Millie with the same label.   It is hard to read her motives, and the cynical side of me wonders how much she is really interested.   Her enthusiasm for what a great kisser Dane is seems at odds with the awkward fumblings he appeared to be making as appeared on camera.   However, Dane seems to have really benefited from her attention, and the boost of confidence he got from the first kiss was great to see.

The Elimination

Oh wow, a twist this week!!!   They haven’t given us one of those since last week!!   And before that, it had been a whole other week again since the twist that preceded the last!!   This week, there was no elimination quiz.   If you got picked, you were out.   However, if both teams refused to nominate, there would be no elimination.   Clearly, no one was picked.   It could be no one wanted to kick out friends in the mansion, but it could have also been strategy.   If they nominated, they were playing the game, and would subsequently become an easy target for future eliminations.   So the show can go stick their airy, everyone is happy after stress music that they played.   It is clear pandering to the audience.


Need I say more?   The episode was better than last week, and I will keep watching, whether it is worth my time posting more reviews though, you will find out next week.

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