Borderlands – A Review by Film Nerd

Developer: 2K games, Gearbox

Console: 360, PS3

Synopsis: The player takes on the role of one of four treasure hunters, each with their own specialised skill set.   You (or your team in multiplayer) are on a mission to find the Vault on the planet of Pandora, a source of unknown riches.   As you proceed, there are numerous side-quests in this game, letting you delve deeper into this space-western setting and the characters that inhabit it.

This game is one of those interesting beasts.   After a while it gets quite repetitive, and I have heard many friends and Gametraders customers claim that as a result, they gave up on it out of boreDom.   Yet for others, while acknowledging the game is somewhat repetitive, it is also incredibly addictive.   I found myself in the latter category.   Having acquired the Game of the Year edition, I had access to all the downloadable content, and by the time I finally put down my controller, I had attempted close to every available mission.

The fun in the game comes from how blatantly irreverent it is.   The opening sequence highlights this, with a bus creating horrific road kill in the opening scene.   You got to choose one of four characters, each with a different preferred gameplay style.   I went for the all out brawler character Brick, which did mean I could fly into numerous battles with complete abandon, activating the character’s beserker ability.   This alone was not enough to get me through quests, but it did help incredibly.

Overall the game plays as a space western, so that may appeal to the Firefly crowd, but only those that would wish to constantly tear apart Reavers.   There are a number of pop-culture nods throughout the game that also maintain interest.   It is clear the developers are a fan of a certain Australian renegade, with one villain being named Mad Mel, and a DLC character being Mad Moxxi, who holds arena fights in the Underdome.   Many other elements od pop culture are also referenced, with nothing being sacred.   I even noted a nod to Scooby Doo at one point.

It is the sense of humour and irreverence of the game that really helps maintain interest, along with a few exploding heads.   Otherwise the gameplay is quite repetitive.   If you are so inclined, you will find yourself just as hooked as I was.   I will soon be adding a Borderlands 2 review to this site, which is pretty much all the praise you need to know!!

3.5 stars out of 5


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