A Smegging Good Trek – Two Culture Shock Events in Two Days

Culture Shock Events always puts on a great show for fans.   Whilst their events are slightly more price-y than your regular Supanova or Armageddon, the events have a much tighter focus and a more intimate meeting with the stars of our favourite shows.   If price is an issue for you though, for the events I advertise here, there is a Christmas sale.   Non-members can get in for the price of members!!   If you wish to attend either of the events advertised below, enter the bookings section of the Culture Shock Events website, and buy a member pass to the event.   The code to enter in the comments section upon booking is #cse-Xmas.   This sale will be available until December 24th, so get in before you miss out.

So, what are these two amazing events being held??   Read on…..

OzTrek has a good long history in Sydney now, and looks like that success is set to continue, with not one, but two Dax’s for our photograph and Q&A pleasure.   Terry Farrell is best known for having played Jadzia Dax, the Trill that stole Worf’s heart, for six seasons of Deep Space Nine.   When she opted to leave the show, the Dax symbiont was passed on to Ezri, as played by Nicole De Boer.   Past and present shall meet at this event, to be held February 2nd at the Sebel in Parramatta.


For those who enjoy their sci fi a little more British and a little more tongue in cheek, how about you come along to a Red Dwarf convention??   Come meet Dave Lister, the Cat and Kryten, played by Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules and Robert Llewellyn.   Of course, there are photos and autograph opportunities available with them all, and we can all discuss season 10 together in the Q&A.   This event is the day after OzTrek, February 3rd,  also at the Sebel in Parramatta.


So what are you waiting for, get booking!!   There will also be opportunity for you to catch up with your friends here at Revenge of the Film Nerds.   Don’t miss out!!   Also, keep your calendars open in April, when you can meet four Doctors in the Lords of Time Con!


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