Revenge of the Film Nerds Podcast – Coming Soon!!



One of our contributors, SmilinScottSowter, has spent a number of months planting the idea of making a Revenge of the Film Nerds podcast in my head, he himself being one of the voices behind This Film Is Not Yet Hated.   Upon his offer to co-host such a show, it became something I could not refuse.   Scott has a passion for film that matches my own, and as a result we often have long, rambling conversations on the art-form    So why on Earth not record some of them and see if others are interested.

We recorded our pilot episode last night, which will be posted here as soon as the sound editing is complete.   For our first episode, we eased ourselves in with a topic we know well, James Bond.   We do not really have a set format as yet, but we will work on that in the coming weeks.   The podcast will mirror the interests of the site, with the topic that grabs us the most that week being front and centre.

We look forward to taking this next step on the Film Nerd journey, and we hope you enjoy what our discussion in this format has to offer.


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