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Hi guys! Long time no talk. I’m sure everyone has been just as or almost as busy as I have this holiday period, but I’m here now to bring you some exciting news!

A notice went out from Nintendo regarding a major announcement about Pokémon, and the only bit of prior information they would give us is that “The world of Pokémon is evolving.” Tonight, on Tuesday, January 8th 2012 at 2200 AEDT, Satoru Iwata, the President of Nintendo, made an “edge of your seat” announcement regarding the next generation of Pokémon games. Titled Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, they will be released October this year, WORLDWIDE. That’s right, we get it here in Australia the same time as Japan does.


Now, I cannot put into words how excited about this the video I was (and not so secretly still am). I tried not to speculate as to what the “evolution” would be as I did not want to get ahead of myself and end up disappointed. The game is still like the original adventure games, but with some timely changes and upgrades. While the view is still generally above the character, it has dynamic camera angles, changing from third person, to relatively top down, to rotating horizontally. They took what they did in Black and White and went a step further. This is also the case with the character models. While I still play my tiny pixelated square pals, they have been replaced by full stylised anime characters. Even the battle scenes have moved away from the flat pixel view. Though it is still turn based, the animations for the moves are better, looking much more like how you would imagine them, and the camera moves around the scene, very similar to older home console versions of the game like Colosseum. There are new ways of travelling too. Where we used to have the bike, in the video you can see the player character rollerblading.



There are of course new pokémon, and they actually look pretty cool. I’ve already picked Fennekin as my starter (not that I won’t get all of them anyway of course). All of this and it is not another DS game, but finally a 3DS game, so it is making use of the better processing power and naturally the better graphics.

Check out the link below and watch the video. I am putting the announcement here, not just the video preview of the new game, as I feel it is somewhat important to the significance of this release.

Announcement for Pokémon X & Y

A Wild Pokemon Appeared!Happy catching and training!




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