Far Cry 3

Developer: Ubisoft

Console: 360, PS3, PC

Synopsis: You play as Jason Brody, whom is on holiday with his brother and friends.   They skydive onto a war-torn island, where they are captured by the psychotic Vaas.   Brody escapes, and begins a mission to save his friends and leave the island.   The longer he is there though, the more entrenched he becomes in the island’s tribal culture.

farcry 3


I am a big fan of games that have large, detailed worlds with plenty of free-roaming options, which help extend the gameplay well beyond the actual story missions.   So Far Cry 3 was right up my alley.   It has delivered such a world with numerous side-quests and challenges, as well as providing a gripping, intense story which is nothing if not unpredictable.   It is not quite a Skyrim in sheer level of immersion, but it kept me distracted for an extended period of time.   Given the price of games, this is high praise indeed, as this is value for money.

Something else that sets it aside from the likes of Skyrim is that this is definitely a game for mature audiences.   There is a high swear rate, which is in character for the villains you will be facing, but meaning this should be kept away from younger members of the household.   This is in addition to intense violence, exploding heads and other elements that are quite common in gaming today.   This game also does feature sex scenes, so if animated nudity is a concern for you, be warned.

All these elements however are not a complaint for a discerning audience.   Though I understand teenagers may flock to the game specifically for these elements, as far as story is concerned they are appropriate for the setting and progression of the game.   The pirates you will face are detestable characters, and have to be suitably threatening.   I feel this was achieved successfully.   Even the sex is used to progress the plot, creating an interesting moral conundrum for the lead character later in the game.

Some of the extended missions do get boring, such as locating hidden items throughout the island, though at least you can purchase maps if you are keen to complete these missions.   I much preferred the missions which had immediate rewards, such as activating radio towers for more weapons, and assisting local civilians for extra cash.   I was also quite passionate to free the island from pirates, which can be achieved by wiping out their outposts one by one.

So yes, this is a violent game, with very mature themes.   The setting is very appropriate though for the progression of the plot, which is at times quite the intense adrenalin rush with genuinely threatening villains.   For this reason I personally rate it very highly.

4 stars out of 5


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