OzTrek 9: Convention Report



Yesterday, Culture Shock Events held the 9th of their extremely successful OzTrek conventions.   The running gag of the event is that this was the convention to feature a “pair of Dax”!   Both Terry Farrell and Nicole DeBoer were amazingly generous guests, dedicated to providing the attending guests with an experience they will never forget.


Unlike my previous reports, this one will be a little different, in that it will not really feature my personal impressions of the panels and other events that occurred throughout the day.   Our friends at Culture Shock kindly provided us with an opportunity to spend more time with the guest celebrities than ever before.   Later in the week, I will be posting videos of interviews I have had with each of them, as filmed by my valued colleague, Smiling Scott Sowter.   Keep your eyes peeled for those.

Nicole de Boer, whom played Ezri Dax in the final season of Deep Space Nine, was an absolute gem.   She was incredibly friendly and an absolute joy to spend the day with.   She shared many stories about her time on Trek, and spent countless hours in photos, autographs, and on stage providing an entertaining experience for her fans.   She is currently re-entering the minefield which is Pilot Season in the States, after a hiatus to enjoy motherhood, and we wish her luck in land fun and challenging role.


Terry Farrell, whom played Ezri’s predecessor Jadzia Dax for the first six seasons of Deep Space Nine (as well as Becker love interest Reggie) was just an incredible ball of energy, and always quick with a joke or a shared laugh.   Though retired from acting, she clearly is still very committed to providing her fans with that element of one on one attention.   I also personally have to give her credit for being a huge Richard Dawkins fan, as well as recalling a conversation on molecular biology we had at the Friday night cocktail party early yesterday morning.


Indeed, both she and Nicole appreciated the smaller nature of a Culture Shock Event, as they were permitted more time with each individual as opposed to a thirty second rush through.    You will see as much for yourselves after the interviews are uploaded!!

Also, log in again tomorrow for a report on the Smegging Good Weekend, featuring Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules and Robert Llewelyn.

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