A Smegging Good Weekend – Convention report



It was indeed a Smegging good weekend when a Star Trek convention is followed by a Red Dwarf convention.   Thanks to Culture Shock Events, Craig Charles (Dave Lister), Danny John-Jules (The Cat) and Robert Llewellyn (Kryten), Sydney-siders got to meet almost the entire lead cast of the show.   Revenge of the Film Nerds spent the event “back-stage”, and has recorded a few interviews with the guys, which shall be uploaded onto the site at some point later this week.



It is amazing how much the actors are like their counterparts within Red Dwarf.   I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with John-Jules, who is an absolute gentleman.   In addition to his sense of humour, it was very clear he wanted to put a good show on for the fans in photos, autographs and when on stage.   He is by far a delightful extrovert, right down to a pink leopard skin covered phone, a style that he has continued through his bike and riding gear.   Kudos to you sir!



Robert Lewellyn was one of the most polite and refined people I have met, whilst similarly being sharp as a tack.   He tolerated repeat attacks from his colleagues concerning American pilot shows and private jets with dignity, before digging into them himself with an absolute zinger.   Even when not using the voice of Kryten, there were certain inflections which very reminiscent of the character.



That leaves Charles, and he is so Lister all I can say is that it is brilliant.   He is very laid back, sociable, and quick with a jibe at his co-stars.   This is definitely the man that hosted Robot Wars and Takeshi’s Castle, and mentioning both series to him gets him quite animated.   I am sure you will be every entertained by his contributions to our interviews, including ones for which he was not necessarily originally present!!



We have more news to come from this past weekend of conventions, including some prizes for readers courtesy of Culture Shock Events, and of course our videos of the interviews when we have polished them up a bit.   So keep reading, my friends!!

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