Red Dwarf X

Created by: Rob Grant, Doug Naylor

Cast: Craig Charles, Chris Barrie, Robert Llewellyn, Danny John-Jules

Synopsis: In a return to the original formula, it is the four guys alone again roaming the universe on Red Dwarf.   As a result, the humour returns to a more classic mix in this great set of six episodes.   There is also a series conclusion which bring the whole ten series to date to a satisfying conclusion.



Whilst amusing, Red Dwarf: Back to Earth never quite hit the same comedic heights as its previous seasons.   It seems a few smart decisions were made to correct for this problem with season ten.   Freed from the need to have a story arc over many episodes, the writers were able to just put the funniest things they thought of on the screen.   Hence, we see Lister giving himself some much-needed fatherly advice, the boys going back in time and meeting a young chap named Jesus, and all the guys going against their better judgement and using a plan devised by Rimmer!!

Perhaps the main reason these episodes work so well is that there is a greater focus on character once again, and the relationships between the crew.   This is especially the case for the repartee between Rimmer and Lister, or indeed, the effect Rimmer has on both Cat and Kryten at the same time.   There is even an element of character growth seen by the time the last episode rolls around, which is really quiet sweet and satisfying, especially for people who love Rimmer despite what a git he is!!

With only six episodes to comment on, it makes the job of a reviewer very hard, especially one who does not want to drop any spoilers.   I am aware however that many fans felt let down by back to Earth.   If you decided to avoid this season as a result fearing the same, then it is time to part with your hard-earned cash.   Series X does show the guys have aged (broken down aging actors, to use their own words), but the comedy is fresh and immensely entertaining.   Check it out!!

4 stars out of 5


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