Can’t Hardly Wait

Director: Harry Elfont, Deborah Kaplan

Cast: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ethan Embry, Charlie Korsmo, Lauren Ambrose, Peter Facinelli, Seth Green

Synopsis: School is over forever, and there is a party to end all parties to celebrate the freedom of a whole year group of teenagers.   Nerds seek revenge on the jocks that made their lives a living hell, two former friends but now long-term enemies get locked in a bathroom together, and Preston Meyers (Embry) thinks he might finally have the chance to tell Amanda Beckett (Love Hewitt) how he feels.



I could not recall a few weeks ago whether I had seen this film or not, so on good word that it was an amusing diversion, I picked up a copy, stuck it into my PS3 and pressed play.   Very soon into the film I realised I had actually seen it.   I am not entirely surprised I forgot about this though.   While the film was mildly amusing and indeed proved a good way to kill a few hours, it is largely a forgettable cliché which I am sure was one of the major targets for Not another Teen Movie.

The characters are largely likeable.   Even the jocks get some heart-felt moments, very much in the style of a farewell party.   You hated these guys, but they are not all bad and your life will be different without them.   The storyline of the couple locked in the bathroom was well-played.   Ambrose and Green are both quite talented, and they manage a convincing chemistry as the years of hatred dissolve away as they remember better times.   Indeed, if there is one story thread that lets the others down, it is the central pairing of Embry seeking recently single Love Hewitt.   Love Hewitt was a go-to teen hot chick for the time, so she was playing very much to type, but Embry’s character, while made to look endearing, struck me as little more than a stalker whom luck was very fortunate to on this one night.

As a now nostalgic audience member, I can look at this style of comedy with fondness, given how rife it was back in the 90’s.   It is just so much like all the others that it in no way stands out or makes its own original mark on the film landscape.   I may watch it again some time for a brainless laugh, but I might just as well be watching it again in future from lack of memory whether I had already seen it or not!!

3 stars out of 5


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