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Two days ago, Revenge of the Film Nerds were guests of Culture Shock Events at the Lords of Time convention in Sydney.   The con featured seven guests most famous for their contributions to Doctor Who, which this year celebrates its 50th year since it first hit our television screens.

First up, the event features Janet Fielding, whom played Tegan Jovanka, companion to the 5th Doctor.   It also featured John Leeson, the voice of K-9, and Nicholas Briggs, who is the modern voice of both Daleks and Cybermen, as well as various other aliens. Most fans were there, however, to meet four Doctors.   Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, and Paul McGann were all in attendance.   Catch the video of our interview with them below;


The event itself was packed.   350 guests had tickets to attend, and it certainly felt like they all turned up.   As a result, this was the largest event that CSE has held in a long time, as Robbie, director of the company told us in one of our earlier podcast episodes.   Despite my fondness for the company, it would be foolish to imply the event was flawless.   At this size, organisational problems crept in, and the event did not run to time.   This was partially to ensure, however that everyone got what they paid for.   If they hold events this large more regularly though, I am sure they have realised some areas in which efficiency can be improved for then.

I did not catch all the panels at this event due to efforts I made to assist in the smooth running of the day.   I did catch panels though from Sylvester McCoy and the four Doctors with Janet.   All the guests were lovely, and Sylvester particularly delighted the crowd by leaving the stage and answering questions from fans more directly.   If anything, the success of the day came from the quality of the guests.

If I have one personal regret from the day, it is not grabbing an interview with Janet Fielding.   She was willing to be interviewed, but unfortunately the schedules of the day did not permit me t line up that opportunity.   That is always a risk at an event like this however, and I am very grateful for the experiences I did receive while there.

The show now moves to Brisbane, so the Queenslanders can look forward to a fantastic show!!


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