Podcast progress!

It is amazing what an extended period away from the net can do to a person.   I have spent the last fortnight moving house, which also included shifting my internet service from one address to another.   As such, I have been unable to come back here and update everyone on the latest films or pop culture goodies that have caught my fancy.   I am back now however, and I have not forgotten Film Nerds in my absence!

iron-man-3-poster1 man-of-steel-poster-THOR-The-Dark-World-teaser-poster-thor-the-dark-world-32619396-1024-1619






That’s right, the latest episode of the podcast is up and ready for downloading.   Entitled “Iron Man, Superman and Thor walk into a bar…”, we discuss our joys at a midnight screening of Iron Man 3, and our excitement over two trailers from the last week… Man of Steel and Thor: The Dark World.


Also watch this space for my latest entry in my series of Doctor Who reviews.   Next up I will be discussing Christopher Ecclestone’s ninth Doctor.

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