Supanova Shenanigans

Another year, another ‘Nova.

Our upload here is a bit delayed, but we did upload all our pics on the Revenge of the Film Nerds facebook page, and Scott and I shared our thoughts of the event on the podcast.   You can find all episodes of the podcast at

As promised in the most recent episode, we had a chat with Robbie from Culture Shock Events, who shared with s some upcoming events that they will be holding over the next few watch.   Robbie is passionate about his cons, and they are a very different, more intimate event than Supanova, giving fans more face time with the stars.


Enjoy the video, go check out the pictures, and download the podcast episode Supa-Dupa-Nova.   We are recording another episode tonight, during which I will be making an announcement I am very excited about concerning the future of RotFN.



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