DuckTales: Remastered

Developer: CapcomDuckTalesRemastered_PS3Case

Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios

Console: WiiU, PS3, Xbox360 & PC

Players: 1

Genre: Action Platformer

Australian Release Date: August 13th, 2013

Australian Rating: G

Score: 7/10


DuckTales: Remastered is a high-definition remake of the original DuckTales game released in 1990. Play as Scrooge McDuck and traverse exotic levels to find rare treasures for the vault, or should I say “Money Bin”?

Now, when I say “remake” I mean exactly that. This game was not merely recoloured for HD. The flat 2D pixel side scrolling platformer still moves solely on a 2D plain, but the environments are 3D and the character sprites are cell shaded.

The levels are, for the most part, exactly the same, and so is the gameplay, but a few new features have been added, such as the map, voice-overs and cut scenes that add a new story element to tie the game together. The small in game animations are a treat and just add so much to the aesthetics and mood of the game.


The audio has also been upgraded. The 8 bit style that once was has been recreated in a stereo orchestral soundtrack. But don’t worry if you prefer the 8 bit style. Once you complete the game you can switch between the two, including 8 bit versions of the new pieces.

Now, it is only a short game, but you will want to play through it multiple times. Not just because it is a fun, simple game, of which most people have such fond memories, but because there are now unlockable items. The money gained in the levels can be used to purchase gallery items. These items are mostly concept art, but a nice extra feature nonetheless, especially if you appreciate such things like myself.


This game is great for anyone who was a fan of the original or the TV Series, but also a wonderful representation of that time for younger players to become acquainted with. Playing on easy mode means lives lost mean nothing, except for maybe determining when to pass the controller over when playing with others. There is so much nostalgia in this game, and it can possibly ride on the coat tails of that alone. It is a brilliant reinterpretation while still staying true to the original. Even the credits go from stereo audio to 8 bit style, seamlessly meshed. Your inner 80s child will adore this game.

Scores: /10

Story                     4

Graphics               6

Music                    6

Game Play           6

Ease of Play         8

Enjoyment           10

Overall                  7


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