An evening with George Lazenby

As reported earlier, our friends at Culture Shock Events succeeded in luring a few 007 stars out to Australia in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the franchise.    George Lazenby, 007 himself in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, was out to greet the fans, and he was accompanied by Rachel Grant, whom was “Peaceful Fountains of Desire” (not THAT type of masseuse in Brosnan flick Die Another Day.

Both stars appeared at the Hayden Orpheum theatre, starting the evening by signing autographs and posing for professional photos with guests.   Unfortunately my own photo did not turn out to well, but I am very pleased with the autograph in my James Bond Blu-ray box set.

These meet the star moments were followed by a Q & A, which was directed by a representative from the Sydney Morning Herald.   Some quite amusing anecdotes were shared, Lazenby proving that in his youth he was just as successful with the ladies as his alter ego was.   Grant was a lovely guest, very pleasant and open with her fans.   Her story of her audition for Bond was quite interesting.   As it was though, Lazenby stole the show, often digressing on his own tangent to share amusing stories.   Questions were opened to the guests on the floor, and this did lead to a few cringe moments.   Questions like “What car were you driving in the film” really do not need to be asked!!

It was a great night, therefore, followed by the film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service itself.   This has long been amongst my most favorite films in the franchise, if not my favorite Bond film of all.   To see it on the big screen was glorious.   Any opportunity I get to see Classic Bond again on the big screen will be jumped on no questions asked.

Given it is the 50th anniversary of the franchise, this event has inspired me to begin a project over the next few weeks.   With my new Blu-ray set, I will rewatch every Bond film and give a modern review.   I shall also link each review back to a cocktail I recommend be enjoyed while watching the film.   So Bond fans keep posted.

Heroes and Villains – Exhibitors and new friends

The next installment of our Heroes and Villains round-up features a couple of the exhibitors at the event, including an interview with Adrian Harlor of the Gametraders booth (and manager of the Blacktown branch.   He was co-hosting the booth with Jack, owner of the Parramatta store).    We also met the gang at Ninja Monkey, we were introduced to the joys of web comic Crimson Rose, and met the lovely ladies behind Women Talk Sci Fi.   For more details, keep reading!!

First up, our Interview with Adrian Harlor of Gametraders;


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Revenge of the Film Nerds Interviews Amber Benson

Here is our second interview from Heroes and Villains from this weekend just past.   In this video, we chat with the lovely Amber Benson, who too us into the Green Room for a chat.   Fans will of course remember her as Tara from Buffy, but she has since moved on to be a successful author, as well as jumping behind the camera for a few projects.   She tells us a bit about this too…



Let me take this space to thank Scott Sowter for his wonderful efforts in filming and editing this video.   He is a great contributor to this website, and also one of the masterminds behind the podcast “This Film is Not Yet Hated”.

Revenge of the Film Nerds interviews Frazer Hines!

As promised, here is our first interview from the Heroes and Villains Pop Culture Expo.   This video features the wonderful Frazer Hines, better known as Jamie McCrimmon, companion to the second Doctor.   Indeed, he still holds the record for the longest ever serving companion!



Let me take this space to thank Scott Sowter for his wonderful efforts in filming and editing this video.   He is a great contributor to this website, and also one of the masterminds behind the podcast “This Film is Not Yet Hated”.

Heroes and Villains 2012 – Event review and panels summary

As promised, this is the first of numerous posts reporting on Heroes and Villains.   I will be meeting with my fantastic camera crews over the next few days (video: Scott Sowter and Shannon Smith; Stills Troy Spears) to put together the cosplay galleries, as well as to get copies of the interviews that I had with Amber Benson and Frazer Hines.   I will include my more amateurish photos here for now until I get the higher quality images from my colleague Troy.   This gallery is available at the end of the post.

My other favorite photo from this weekend, with Amber Benson!

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Heroes and Villains a great success!!

After all the anticipation, Heroes and Villains is now over, and was a great success!!

Revenge of the Film Nerds was there for the entire event, from the cocktail party on Friday evening to the cosplay comp this afternoon.   We are still on assessment hiatus for the next 24 hours, so this will only be a quick post.   However, over the next few days we will bring you a selection of highlights.   These will include;

  • Reports on panels and events from each day
  • Cosplay galleries
  • Interviews with Frazer Hines and Amber Benson
  • Highlights of some of the exhibitors that were present
  • Promotion of other pop culture enthusiast groups that we met over the weekend, including our Mosaic Magazine, the podcast Women Talk Sci Fi,, and Comic Web Series Crimson Rose.
All this coverage starts tomorrow, so keep watching this space!

We extend a huge thank you to Culture Shock Events for granting us almost unlimited access to this event, so that we can share all these wonderful stories with you.   We also must thank both Scott Sowter, RotFN writer and manager of Problem Child production, for filming our interviews this weekend, and Troy Spears for his additional photography.

I am a big fanboy, so I end this post with one of my two favourite photos from this weekend….


Heroes and Villains next weekend!!

The day is almost upon us!!   Next Saturday and Sunday, our friends at Culture Shock Events are brining a cavalcade of guests to Penrith Panthers, the first such event to be held in Sydney’s greater west!!

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Heroes and Villains – A Culture Shock Event

It is just over a month until Culture Shock Events hold their next convention, and it is going to be a big one.   On August 25-26, they are bringing a cavalcade of stars out to Australia, and best of all, it is catering to the Western Sydney fans by holding the event at Penrith Panthers!!   Whether you are a fan of classic films like The Princess Bride, classic TV shows like Get Smart and original Doctor Who, or even if you are an avid comic book reader, there is something in this event for you!!

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OzTrek 8: Assimilate – Convention Report

This is an event that Revenge of the Film Nerds has long been looking forward to, and it did not disappoint.   Thank you to Culture Shock Events for staging another fabulous, intimate convention, and for getting two very interesting and entertaining guests in for us all to spend a few hours with.

Culture Shock Events is very good at staging well-organised events that keep all participants regularly informed of what they can expect throughout the day.   They were very aware of time throughout, and went to great pains to ensure the event ran to schedule.   First up was the photo opportunity with the guest stars.   This was a great moment for me, for the first time ever getting to speak to a regular cast member from Star Trek.

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