OzTrek 8 is almost here!!

We are getting excited here at Revenge of the Film Nerds for the next event from our friends at Culture Shock Events.   OzTrek 8 will bring us Seven of Nine herself, Jeri Ryan to our shores.   In addition, Voyager cast regular Manu Intiraymi (Icheb) will also be on board to share with us his experiences of being on the show.   The event will be held in Parramatta on June 24th.

For those keen, find out details for how to get tickets at the Culture Shock Events website.

Star Wars Kinect Bundle out tomorrow!

Tomorrow, the Star Wars Kinect bundle is released, and to celebrate, Storm troopers will be in store at Gametraders Blacktown

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OzTrek 8: Assimilate!

Recently, Revenge of the Film Nerds has been chatting with the team behind Culture Shock Events.   This is a group that co-ordinates some fantastic conventions here in Australia, including Armageddon, an event that we immensely enjoyed last year.   After all, that was where we met John Rhys-Davies!!

Being a HUGE Trek fan, I was very excited to hear about their upcoming Star Trek Convention, OzTrek 8.   Featuring Voyager’s very own Seven of Nine, Jeri Ryan, and younger repeat guest character Icheb, Manu Intiraymi, it promises to be an awesome event!!   It will be at the Sebel, Parramatta, on Sunday, the 24th of June.

To book tickets, click here to go to the event website.   Ticket [prices are cheaper for members of FSF, the Friends of Science Fiction.   I know for sure I will love to be there, so looking forward to seeing some ROTFN readers there too!!


Set visit – Weekly Rental

Our friends at Problem Child Productions invited us behind the scenes for the shooting of their latest film, Weekly Rental.   We were given full access to cast and crew, so I have compiled a video below of our time behind the scenes.   Director Scott Sowter has invited us to attend again at a later date, so another post following this movie’s progress is likely to appear in the future.

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Amusing video game commercials

I must apologise that my posts have not been as regular of late.   I have been a little busy, working in one of Revenge of the Film Nerds’ favourite stores, Gametraders Blacktown.

As a result though, a few commercials have come to my attention in the past week that I feel compelled to share.   Enjoy!!

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The First Avengers trailer is live…

In the past with this site, I have largely focussed on reviews of new and old films, with rarely a focus on what is happening in the future.   I am going to break trend today, and review a trailer.   Why?   Well, this trailer happens to be for the film that I have anticipated the most ever since the Lord of the Rings trilogy concluded.

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Gametraders Parramatta First Birthday – 24th and 25th of September 2011

A few months back, I discovered Gametraders Blacktown when they celebrated their first birthday.   I since then had signed up for the central Gametraders homepage, and discovered through that last week that the Parramatta store was celebrating the same milestone this weekend.   With the promise of more discounted video games and pop culture merchandise, I could not pass up the opportunity to attend.

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Pottermore is live

A number of months ago, J.K. Rowling caused a bit of a media frenzy indicating she had an announcement to make.   Many thought it would be new Harry Potter books, a prospect equally loved and loathed by fans.

However, the announcement was the advent of Pottermore, an online interactive Harry Potter experience that would expand the Potter world, with new material from Rowling herself, and the opportunity for fans to help expand the Harry Potter universe.   Those that managed to “follow the owl” have been given early access to Pottermore, which opens for general public registration in October.   I was lucky enough to follow said owl and find a pre-registration quill, and I went online with  999 999 others today….

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