The Podcast is live!!!

First of all,  we wish you a Happy New Year from all of us here at Revenge of the Film Nerds.

Finally we are up and running!!   I mentioned about a fortnight ago that we were starting a Revenge of the Film Nerds podcast.   Our first recorded episode was not of the highest audio quality, so we have decided to record a second pilot episode that you can all actually  hear!!    The unaired pilot may be aired later on, as we shared many an interesting thought on James Bond.   Instead, now you can hear about our geeky Christmas  as well as our thoughts on The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.


Below is the address for the podcast.   Take a listen, and feel free to leave some feedback.


Revenge of the Film Nerds Podcast – Coming Soon!!



One of our contributors, SmilinScottSowter, has spent a number of months planting the idea of making a Revenge of the Film Nerds podcast in my head, he himself being one of the voices behind This Film Is Not Yet Hated.   Upon his offer to co-host such a show, it became something I could not refuse.   Scott has a passion for film that matches my own, and as a result we often have long, rambling conversations on the art-form    So why on Earth not record some of them and see if others are interested.

We recorded our pilot episode last night, which will be posted here as soon as the sound editing is complete.   For our first episode, we eased ourselves in with a topic we know well, James Bond.   We do not really have a set format as yet, but we will work on that in the coming weeks.   The podcast will mirror the interests of the site, with the topic that grabs us the most that week being front and centre.

We look forward to taking this next step on the Film Nerd journey, and we hope you enjoy what our discussion in this format has to offer.


RotFN welcomes new author, PowerGrid!

Two nights ago, we had our first review of a graphic novel, increasing our wish to celebrate all areas of Nerdvana.   This post was courtesy of our new author, PowerGrid!

PowerGrid is a graphic novel fan and a very welcome addition to the team.   Her review of Chew is an entertaining read, and we look forward to seeing what she next has to contribute.

Welcome aboard!

Another writer in our midst

The eagle-eyed amongst our leader may have observed that a new writer contributed a recent review to the site.   The review was for the film Eden Lake, and the writer of the review was one of our friends from Problem Child Productions, SmilinScottSowter.

On behalf of all of us here at Revenge of the Film Nerds, I wish to thank Scott for offering his pen (or keyboard, as the case may be) to our rapidly growing site.   I can’t wait to read his next post when it is ready!

For those that wish to learn more about Scott, check out his profile in our Contributor Profiles section.

Apologies to regular readers

Hi all,

You may have realised that ROTFN is not posting anywhere near as regularly the last few weeks.   I have taken on a university degree, and the assessment tasks I have been allocated have kept me way to busy to post anywhere near as often as I would like.   My fellow contributors will be posting whenever they can, and I will be trying to post two or three times a week myself.   In another few weeks I will have gotten over my first little hump of assessment tasks and will be in a position to post regularly again.

Thanks for your patience!!

Film Nerd.

2011 in review

I have once again gained access to a report of how well Revenge of the Film Nerds progressed in the last year, and I think the results show that we are still growing, but there is a growing interest in what we have to say.

Those interested can get the full details of how we fared at the following link;

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Amusing video game commercials

I must apologise that my posts have not been as regular of late.   I have been a little busy, working in one of Revenge of the Film Nerds’ favourite stores, Gametraders Blacktown.

As a result though, a few commercials have come to my attention in the past week that I feel compelled to share.   Enjoy!!

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250th Post

Revenge of the Film Nerds has hit yet another milestone.   With this post, we have made 250 posts.   Our readership does appear to have grown with time, so I would like to thank all those people whom visit our site regularly, as well as welcome anybody whom has recently found us online.

Getting hits on the site makes all the effort worthwhile, so once again, a very big thank you to you all!!

Film Nerd – Mild Mannered Reporter

Firstly, I would like to thank all of our new readers for coming on board in the last two months.   It is nice to see that the opinion of myself and my fellow contributors has a fan base, making the effort in running this blog all the more worthwhile.

As a result of our success, I am delighted to say that I have now been in contact with my local newspaper, The Hawkesbury Gazette, and shall be starting to provide movie reviews for this publication, with a particular focus on films playing at our local movie house, the Richmond Regent Twin Cinema.   Both the Gazette and the Regent have a rich history within our local community, and it is a privilege to be associated with them both.

My first review, for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, was published in today’s issue of the Gazette.