Diablo III Taste Test

72851491UK_DIABLO3_SE_BOX.inddIf you follow my Facebook or Twitter you would have noticed that I was fortunate enough to win the chance to be one of the lucky few to be invited to the Sydney IGN Head Quarters for an exclusive pre-launch taste test of the console version of Diablo III. Here is the story of that adventure down memory lane. Continue reading

Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular – A Review



Earlier today, I had the delight of attending the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular at the Sydney Opera House.   This is not my first experience attending an event such as this, having also experienced the music of John Williams, and a Star Trek compilation at the same venue.   The following is a summary of my thoughts of today’s event.

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Culture Shock Events: The Nightmare Returns – Convention Report


Revenge of the Film Nerds was invited to attend the above listed convention which was held earlier today, and we had an absolute blast.    It was a much more exclusive event to attend compared to the larger extravaganzas that are Armageddon and Supanova, and as such had a much more relaxed, intimate tone.   There was a clear horror focus for this convention, with Australian stars John Jarratt (Wolf Creek) and Roger Ward (Mad Max, Turkey Shoot), and Nightmare on Elm Street stars Ken Sagoes, Lisa Wilcox, and Freddy himself, Robert Englund.

Following the welcoming address, photo opportunities were provided with the guests.   The great thing about this was that no one had to miss a panel for the sake of getting the photos that they are just as keen to get as a memento of the occasion.

Of course, Bride of Film Nerd and I jumped at the chance to get this photo with Robert Englund, who was clearly having fun meeting the fans.   For the few photos I saw him take, he displayed this level of energy and animation for each of them!!

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OzTrek 8: Assimilate!

Recently, Revenge of the Film Nerds has been chatting with the team behind Culture Shock Events.   This is a group that co-ordinates some fantastic conventions here in Australia, including Armageddon, an event that we immensely enjoyed last year.   After all, that was where we met John Rhys-Davies!!

Being a HUGE Trek fan, I was very excited to hear about their upcoming Star Trek Convention, OzTrek 8.   Featuring Voyager’s very own Seven of Nine, Jeri Ryan, and younger repeat guest character Icheb, Manu Intiraymi, it promises to be an awesome event!!   It will be at the Sebel, Parramatta, on Sunday, the 24th of June.

To book tickets, click here to go to the event website.   Ticket [prices are cheaper for members of FSF, the Friends of Science Fiction.   I know for sure I will love to be there, so looking forward to seeing some ROTFN readers there too!!


Gametraders Blacktown Cosplay Comp February 12 2012

Today at Gametraders Blacktown, there was another of the increasingly regular cosplay competitions.   There were some great entries, and I am excited to share them here with you all.   The best male and female costumes will each win a copy of Naruto Shippuden Collection 8, which is due in store later this week.   Results will be announced on the Gametraders Blacktown facebook page when the winners have been decided.

Note, the photos below are also available on the Gametraders facebook page.   I was the only one there with a camera!!

Male Entries

Green Power Ranger


Umbrella Corp

Umbrella Corp

I was having a good chat with the gentlemen from the Umbrella Corp, and learned they are part of a much larger Resident Evil Cosplay group, Project Ouroboros.   They have both a website and a facebook page that interested parties can view, so click the links and check them out.

Female Entries

Lisanna Strauss from Fairy Tail

Sweet Lolita

Baby Doll

I was having a chat with Candice, whom is dressed as Baby Doll from Sucker Punch above.   She is really keen on her cosplay, and even has her own Cosplay Fanpage on Facebook, where she shares images of the costumes she has made and gives advice on how to make your own.   I have checked it out and it is definitely well worth a browse!!

Staff Cosplay

Starfleet Science Officer

It was a great day with fun to be had by all entrants and customers.   The cosplay events always get some great costumes coming through the front door, and I look forward to seeing what people come up with next time!!

Harry Potter: The Exhibition – A Review by Film Nerd

During the weekend just passed, Bride of Film Nerd and I left the muggle world for a few short hours and found ourselves at the Powerhouse Museum enjoying Harry Potter: The Exhibition.   Like many similar events held at the Powerhouse in the past, this exhibit allowed the general public to enjoy viewing props and costumes that were used in the filming of this popular film franchise.   So now we are reporting back on the experience, and if one thing is for certain, it is that if you are a fan, you should certainly make an effort to attend!!

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