Happy New Year!

2013 was a big year, which saw Revenge of the Film Nerds evolve from website to predominantly podcast format.   Updates have been sporadic on both fronts of late, but we have big plans for continuing on in 2014.   Keep posted for Scott and I sharing our thoughts in a 2013 year in review special episode of the podcast, available on podbean and iTunes.   Should hopefully be up in the next few days!!

Also, keep posted as I finish my review of all Doctors, with some giant posts expected for the era of Tennant and Smith.

Thanks for our regular followers, and here’s to moving on strongly this year.   Lets pop that champagne!!

Episode 12: Who’s Who?

Jump on your iTunes people!!   Or alternatively if you find Apple evil, check out filmnerds.podbean.com

In our most recent podcast, I discuss everything Doctor Who, with occasional contributions from recent Whovian convert Scott.


Podcast Episode 11: Pacific Kombat

Scott and I have been at it again, discussing films with an occasional tangent here and there, with an episode filled with both humour and gravitas (Drink!!).

In this week’s episode, we begin looking at the history of Mortal Kombat on film.   We discuss what we both adore and (Mortal Kombat, 1995) and what we find distasteful (Mortal Kombat: Annihilation) about this film franchise.   Next we investigate Scott’s deep-seated love of kaiju films by exploring the wonders of Pacific Rim, Guilermo del Toro’s own love letter to that genre of film.   We end by discussing recently released trailers for 47 Ronin, and Gravity.
















Download us from http://filmnerds.podbean.com/, or find us on iTunes!!

Podcast episodes 9 and 10

I have been lazy on updates!   As the podcast is now the main focus of the site, recording has been the order of the day.   Since my last post, we have recorded two episodes for Revenge of the Film Nerds, and I have guest hosted on partner podcast Rustles my Jimmies.   Look up the RMJ Podcast for a good listen.

As for our most recent episodes, we delved into everything Superman in episode 9, looking at the history of Superman on-screen from George Reeves, Christopher Reeve, Dean Cain and Tom Welling.   Then of course we both caught Man of Steel and share our thoughts.   We end the episode talking about the recent trailer for our most anticipated film this year, The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug.

Man-of-Steel-Superman-Logo-HDIn episode 10 we delve a very different path, this time on an Evil Dead theme.   We discuss the original Sam Raimi trilogy before heading into a discussion for the 2013 version of the film.   Our future films for discussion are 12 years a Slave and The Fifth Estate, to historical dramas with some stellar casts.

logo-remake-evil-deadSo go take a listen, and enjoy posts here on the website too.   They will be less regular, but they will be coming!!


Supanova Shenanigans

Another year, another ‘Nova.

Our upload here is a bit delayed, but we did upload all our pics on the Revenge of the Film Nerds facebook page, and Scott and I shared our thoughts of the event on the podcast.   You can find all episodes of the podcast at filmnerd.podbean.com

As promised in the most recent episode, we had a chat with Robbie from Culture Shock Events, who shared with s some upcoming events that they will be holding over the next few watch.   Robbie is passionate about his cons, and they are a very different, more intimate event than Supanova, giving fans more face time with the stars.


Enjoy the video, go check out the pictures, and download the podcast episode Supa-Dupa-Nova.   We are recording another episode tonight, during which I will be making an announcement I am very excited about concerning the future of RotFN.



Supanova gallery

Another Supanova has come and gone.   I intend to review the event in full, including some detailed coverage of the panels I attended (Eve Myles, Karl Urban, Margot Kidder).   However I am tired now, after a full weekend, and that can wait for another night!!   Also keep your eyes and ears peeled given that Scott and I will be podcasting about the event in the next few days.

In the intervening period, who doesn’t enjoy a good bit of cosplay.   I saw many wonderful costumers this weekend, and could have taken many more photos if my feet could carry me that fast.   I got quite a few though, and the gallery is on the Film Nerds Facebook page;

Revenge of the Film Nerds Facebook page

Stay Classy Sydney!

Your Hosts

Podcast is back online!!

I told you were were gearing up at this site again.   A new episode of the podcast is up, called “J.J. gets Lost on a Trek to Alderaan”.   As you may have guessed it is themed everything JJ Abrams, with a discussion on his earlier TV work and films, a spoilery analysis of Star Trek Into Darkness, and a discussion of our hopes for the next Star Wars trilogy.

Listen…. it is an episode surprisingly full of segues, and yet at the same time it has such…. gravitas!





We3, a review by PowerGrid

By Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely


We3 has got to be one of my favourite graphic novels of all time and I’m super excited to review it. It’s a violent, heartbreaking and disturbing, yet a heart warming and touching tale. It’s really a rollercoaster of emotions the creators have packed into a short 104 pages.

We3 follows three animals which have been developed as new forms of weapon technology. Equipped with awesome firing power and a naive sense of the world around them, the animals break free in search of ‘home’.

The fantastic thing about this graphic novel is its ability to suck a reader into this world and effectively tell this story in a hundred or so words. The writers and artists have worked perfectly in sync with each other. An extensive background is omitted, but we are given an insight into our protagonists past lives on 3 separate pages. I think what we are given is enough, anymore details and it would strip bare the mood of this comic, and not in a sexy or appealing way.

We are not given much dialogue either, but the beauty of this tale is that it is not needed. The wonderful and vivid panels are enough to convey emotion and tell a story. There are breath taking moments and instances of brilliance in the artworks.

As I said, this is one of my favourite graphic novels which I revisit every so often. It’s a one off tale with no continuance, so if you’re at a comic book store and are looking for something to start you off, but you’re not ready to commit to a long running or ongoing series, then this is the one for you. It’ll take you on a fantastic journey of tragedy and heartbreak, but leaves you with a tear in your eye and a smile on your face.

9 / 10

Apologies – Revenge of the Film Nerds will be back to regular posting soon

Regular readers,

I turns out moving house and changing careers can make one very busy.   Unfortunately, that also means that I have not had much time to put up posts more often.   It can be frustrating at times, given that some fantastic things have been happening in the world of pop culture.   We have a new Trek film, another Supanova coming up in a month’s time that looks like a corker, and a Doctor Who finale to leave any fan gobsmacked..

Things are beginning to settle though, and more posts will be up in the near future.   Scott and I are gearing up for another episode of our podcast, and there are even perhaps a few surprises in store.

So bear with us, there is more to come from Revenge of the Film Nerds!!

Podcast progress!

It is amazing what an extended period away from the net can do to a person.   I have spent the last fortnight moving house, which also included shifting my internet service from one address to another.   As such, I have been unable to come back here and update everyone on the latest films or pop culture goodies that have caught my fancy.   I am back now however, and I have not forgotten Film Nerds in my absence!

iron-man-3-poster1 man-of-steel-poster-THOR-The-Dark-World-teaser-poster-thor-the-dark-world-32619396-1024-1619






That’s right, the latest episode of the podcast is up and ready for downloading.   Entitled “Iron Man, Superman and Thor walk into a bar…”, we discuss our joys at a midnight screening of Iron Man 3, and our excitement over two trailers from the last week… Man of Steel and Thor: The Dark World.


Also watch this space for my latest entry in my series of Doctor Who reviews.   Next up I will be discussing Christopher Ecclestone’s ninth Doctor.