Lords of Time Double Pass Competition winner

We have a winner!!



EmmJ wrote into our competition, and provided the following response to our question, Who is your Favourite Doctor and why?;

The eighth doctor - he's so underrated, and I love the way he makes
so many fanboys rage with his on-screen sexytimes.
But also, I like that he's idealistic, has a good reason for 
dressing anachronistically, and he had the first non-white human 

A great response, and we absolutely agree.   EmmJ, you and a friend now get to meet the Eighth Doctor, as well as the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh, at Lords of Time tomorrow.   We hope you have a fantastic time!!

Eighth Doctor



Podcast: To Kill a Mockingbird, Hitchcock, The Place Beyond the Pines

We are now aiming to make our podcast a weekly thing.   So episode three is already up, much quicker than the gap between episodes one and two.

In this one, we chat To Kill a Mockingbird, Hitchcock, and The Place Beyond the Pines.   We also remind you all of our competition, in which we have autographed photos of both Robert Englund and Jeri Ryan.   You can enter on our Facebook or Twitter page, or on the form below.   For an Englund photo, tell us what your favourite Freddy kill is, and for a Ryan photo, tell us your favourite Seven of Nine line.

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Checkout the podcast on our podcast channel!!



mockingbird12 placebeyond

Podcast Episode 2 – Worth the wait!!

scoop shame-poster1 star-trek-into-darkness-teaser-poster1-610x903






It has been a long wait to our second podcast episode.   There are many excuses, and I assure you all of them valid.   I put all the blame on my co-host, SmilinScottSowter.   Yep, not my fault at all.

We got quite a few listens on episode one, so we hope you enjoyed.   To check out episode two, click the following link!!


Borderlands – A Review by Film Nerd

Developer: 2K games, Gearbox

Console: 360, PS3

Synopsis: The player takes on the role of one of four treasure hunters, each with their own specialised skill set.   You (or your team in multiplayer) are on a mission to find the Vault on the planet of Pandora, a source of unknown riches.   As you proceed, there are numerous side-quests in this game, letting you delve deeper into this space-western setting and the characters that inhabit it.

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Celebrating On Her Majesty’s Secret Service


It is the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film franchise this year, and our friends at Culture Shock Events want to celebrate.   This Saturday, they have a special dinner arranged for fans to meet star of “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”, George Lazenby.   He will be accompanied by Rachel Grant, whom had a small role in Die Another Day.   Click here for bookings.

Both stars will then be appearing for a Q&A at the Orpheum following a screening of OHMSS at the Orpheum theatre in Cremorne.   Thanks to CSE, photograph and autograph opportunities with the stars will also be available.   Tickets are available here at the Orpheum website.


Keep posted on all the pop culture events that CSE has planned at their facebook page!!

Beauty and the Geek Season 4, Episode 1 – A Review by Film Nerd

Here at Revenge of the Film Nerds, we love our Beauty and the Geek, as you can see in our listed reviews of last seasons’ episodes.   So we are back at it again now that episode one has aired in full on Channel 7!!

The opening meet and greet follows the same formula as in the past.   We meet the individuals, and couples are formed.   This year, they followed the old formula of Geek sells himself to Beauties, Beauties pick him if interested, then a beauty promotes her qualities to the geeks.   Wash, rinse, repeat.   So we will start with a break down of the couples with the more interesting fact about each personality.

The Couples

Jason and Kristy  

Jason is a town planner with ’70s style.   He busted a few moves to impress the ladies and was very quickly successful.   Kristy jumped on up claiming she loves a dancer.   It was great to see such early enthusiasm for both.   Back in the room, he showed her paints, she showed him underwear.   I think it was nerves that had him more interested in her sweater.

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‘A Home at the End of the World’- Family can be whatever you want it to be.

Director: Michael Mayer

Cast: Colin Farrell, Robin Wright Penn, Dallas Roberts, Sissy Spacek

The Plot: Set in the 80’s, the film follows the life of two childhood best friends Bobby (Colin Farrell), is a free spirited, naive, hippie-child and John (Dallas Roberts) is an uptight man struggling with his sexuality. The pairs friendship spans decades and follows them from small town to big city New York as they form a strange love triangle with free spirit Clare ( Robin Wright Penn). Together the tree from an unconventional family, kid and all as they go through life and the struggles that come with it.

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Assessment Hiatus

Just a quick note of apology to our regular readers.   University has returned for another semester, and my study requirements there limit my ability to post reviews as regularly as I would like.   I have a few good posts brewing away, so hopefully I can post a few high quality review in the near future.

Our other contributors will post whenever they are also able, and I look forward as always to seeing what they have to say!!

Do not fear, we will be attending the Heroes and Villains con, and giving you all some insight into the day.   Culture Shock Events have kindly provided us with media passes for the day, so hopefully we can share with you some in depth reflections on the day.   Our favourite store, Gametraders, will also be in attendance with plenty of Pop! Vinyls and other goodies to sell.   Hopefully Adrian is not too busy for a quick chat with us either!!


Apologies again, we can confirm that things will return to normal soon.



Film Nerd 007

Mary Tamm (1950-2012)

It is with heavy heart that I have read that Mary Tamm, who was the first person to play companion Romana in Doctor Who, has passed at the age of 62 after an 18 month battle with cancer.

The character of Romana was introduced during the reign of Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor, in the show’s 16th season.   She left at the end of this season, but as her character was a Time Lord, she regenerated into Romana’s second self, played by Lalla Ward.

Her loss is sad news, especially in a period of 18 months which has also seen the loss of other Doctor Who legends, Nicholas Courtney and Elisabeth Sladen.   She leaves behind a husband, daughter and grandson.   Our thoughts are with them.