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EDIT: some of teh photos just won’t upload.. T.T but luckily most of the cool ones did! XD hopefully the problem will be fixed soon .Enjoy!


Once upon an unenlightened time, FourthVerse made a pact with a friend that they would never attend a convention. This was during first year of Uni, where they both decided that they would both graduate from their infatuation with anime/manga.  For those familiar with the subtypes of anime fans, were definitely not those OMGSQUEE KAWAII weeaboos who squeal at everything cute. Oh no, we would deeply critically analyze character development and plot and camera angles and techniques and even drawing techniques that would make David Stratton and Magaret Pomeranz proud, instead of updating our microbiology labbooks.

But I digress. It worked. We did graduate from anime. Real life intervened. She went into med and I went into research.

Then i met the breakfast club. Met UrbanFantasist and FilmNerd.

and the rest is history. (Hey, loophole! the pact was made in the context of ANIME CONVENTIONS! Supernova isn’t anime. It’s popular culture! XD)

I’ve heard of the convention Supernova plenty of times, but never found a reason to really go, since many of my friends were of the pure anime/ manga faction. Then 2 things happened to convince me to go:

1. I met UrbanFantasist and FilmNerd.

2. Jennifer Fallon,  my favourite fantasy author was going to be there. And conducting writing classes. WRITING CLASSES.


The fact of me going to supernova really really hit me like a ton of bricks when I was got on the train to go the convention site when A stormtrooper (Clone wars ver.) walked in and plonked himself right next to me, and then the Tenth Doctor sat himself right across me and from the side Hantarou from the anime Bleach was talking on a mobile. I never made it a secret that i was a film/anime/sci-fi/fantasy geek, but it was an absolutely surreal experience.

I let out a very undignified squeak and immediately dug out my camera. The resemblance to the tenth doctor was UNCANNY – I’d say, closest I’ll ever be to David Tennant.

‘David Tennant’ XD

It was about 9:00am when i got there, with doors opening at 10:00. Already the line was quite long. Found UrbanFantasist (UF) and as UrbanFantasist (UF) may bear testament, my brain exploded from the awesome. The sights was just way too much to bear. There were a snake like line  stretching from the Dome, with bright spots of colour which indicated a cosplayer. There were Aliens, Xmen, anime characters, if it was logistically possible to make the character’s costume, then it was there. It was then when i realised just how much of an anime/sci fi geek i was because i can safely say that i recognised nearly every anime cosplay there was…. which was disturbing about my memory. I was able to recall costume details for an obscure character from an anime about 6 years ago and yet i need to scramble for my labbook for experiment details which i did a week prior… methinks i need to delete some data to free up some brainspace…

Lovely day! Massive line….

note to self: next year, buy dslr, BECAUSE my camera,is erratic, it takes some nice pics and some it’s just blurry… why T.T

First thought upon entering the dome:   I belong here…

The amount and type of merchandise available was ridiculous but absolutely fabulous! There was Twilight Candy! AHAHA and also I bought a sonic screwdriver . I alos got my first geek T-shirt! Yus, i can now join the legion of many. I also sucumbed to temptation and bought an anime figurine… The best merchandise though was the True Blood drink, inspired by a drink actually present in the series. I loved the detail of the bottle, it was exactly the same and the drink was tasteee!

Twilight candee

True blood drinks!

There was a massive crowd as the day went on, I hate crowds, but i didn’t mind at all because of the visual candy!! Everytime i walked I went past a jedi, a doctor, a star trek officer,  a cat girl, an xmen and a Dalek a few times.

See the  The mushu!

Also in artist’s alley was a cool array of artists from all kinds of genres, It’s lovely to see so many talents! I dream one day of having a booth here. Fingers crossed! I, like UF, bought a dark noir Sherlock holmes comic along with a Stephen King ‘The Stand’ inspired graphic novel. It was good! XD

AS you may have read from UF and FN’s posts, they went mostly to seminars with actors and actresses from Joss Whedon series. I, on the other hand, went to the Anime cosplay competitions on both days. It was the most hilarious thing in the world. They had to do skits inspired by their characters and the host was the best in the world! I only wish i had recorded the whole thing. I am so of the anime/manga faction compared to the ther two I’m sure I’ll find a youtube equivalent.

AND I DID.. i was standing behind that person….

I can go on forever but i will spare you all and share the highlights:

1. THAT moment on the train with the stormtrooper and ‘David Tennat’.. with that photo. Best. moment. EVER.

2. The cosplayers. omg, character spotting was so funny.highlights was the bat man cast that was a family, the pixel mario and the cosplayers at the competition. The amount fo detail is awesome. These people do not et paid to do this. They do it out of love and enthusiasm. I loved the prince of persia, Mushu and the doctor who ones. I’m posting my favourite ones here.

Batman Villians

FF13 cast

Prince of Persia!

Assassin’s Creed 2


Dr Horrible, from ‘Doctor Horrible’s Singalong Blog’ by Joss Whedon AKA GOD

Bayonetta, from ‘Bayonetta’ the game

Boba Fett!

3.  THEY HAD MOVING R2-D2 s, and DALEKS. it was fantastic now all i need is a spare 800 bucks to buy one.

3.  And.. I GOT MY BELOVED NOVELS SIGNED BY JENNIFER FALLON!! I was stammering and trying not to be starstruck. UF and FN have Summer, Eliza and Charisma, I have my fantasy authors.

4. CLOSE SECOND BEST MOMENT: I was walking past  a Dalek and then suddenly, it sped up BIG TIME, following it, It was going straight for a Captain Jack cosplay and there was a voice emitting from it! *extermintae, exterminate*!! AHAHA. There was a man inside who operated it adn when it saw capt jack (of torchwood) instinct took over. XD. too bad captain jack only ahd a water bottle to defend himself. He actually looked a tad scared.

Ahaha the Dalek VS Jack faceoff. Jack is in the bg with the waterbottle!

I think, even though i am usually loathe to add anything too sappy waffy, i think I did gain some confidence from this. I was painfully shy in the beginning, trying to make UrbanFantasist to ask for the cosplayers for me to take pics, but as the day went on, I just went straight to them and starting chatting with them.  One thing i think all three of us discovered is that how friendly everyone is. I struck up a good convo on the train with a guy about the pros and cons of subbing and dubbing an anime, in the anime cosplay competition, everyone talked with everyone.  I felt comfortable, which is quite rare for me. I am usually quite awkward.

UF and I have decided to dress up next year!!! I’m tossing whether to go anime or as a Starfleet medical (must have a homage to my dear mccoy!).

If going to this convention had taught me anything, is that you have to try everything, have no sense of shame, because really, if you are too self conscious, all the fun is gone, let go, have a great time, be a geek and reveal in the fact that there are A LEGION OUT THERE who share the same love as you.

I had a good time, and I’ll be back in 2011, Bring it baby!

Any of you had good supernova/convention stories, share’em all!


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