Bride of Film Nerd’s Summary

Hi all, please be aware that due to other commitments (stupid uni exams!) I was only able to attend day 2 of Supanova as well as the Postnova party. For a summary for supernova Saturday, please see Film Nerd’s post.

Unlike last year, where I was a total noob to the whole sci fi convention, I was pretty excited to attend Supanova 2011, more so that I knew what to expect.

After the typical Supanova organisational hiccups just to get into the dome at Homebush (ironically the day ticket crowd were the first to get in before the weekend pass crowd) the first stop for me was to get my photo with Tom Felton AKA Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter.

Now boy was this an eye opener for me. Unlike the sedate yet chatty crowds that one tended to encounter in the photo lines, I was confronted with gaggles of giggly and panicky teenagers with nearly the whole makeup stock of Priceline between them, frantically applying eyeliner and mascara in preparation for their 5 second meeting with the teenage movie star. Yes, you read right, 5 seconds was all it felt like to me to be ushered in, had my hand shaken by tom and then have the photo taken.

One interesting tidbit that I gleaned from a man that I was chatting to while waiting was that a fan had actually fainted when meeting Tom. Can any of you lovely readers confirm that this happened?

After the photo, I then dashed off in order to catch the James Marsters panel. As a recent convert to Buffy the vampire slayer thanks to Film Nerd (I know..I have no idea where I was in the late 90’s, when this was being aired) I was pretty excited to finally see Spike in the flesh. His panel was extremely funny and entertaining and also rather inspirational.

The exhibits this year, were much the same as last year, but unfortunately for me, lacked the liquorice stall, however this was made up for me with a stall selling a selection of American junk food including Pop tarts and Hawaiian punch :). Once again the Domino’s pizza stand was to the rescue, which, no matter how junky, still provided an option against the mortgage your house burgers, nuggets and chips on offer in the dome cafe for those who wanted to stay in the exhibition rather than venture outside. And like last year, there were some pretty amazing costumes on display which made me regret NOT dressing up (again…like last year).


But the real highlight for me was the Post Nova Party, held at the Green Room lounge in Newtown. A new event, this is totally worth the $150 that you would spend, mainly due to the closeness that you get with the stars. Instead of being partitioned off from us “ordinary people”, Gareth David Lloyd and James Masters actually mingled with the 50 or so people that attended, and made a point to make sure that they spoke to everyone there. I was literally dumbstruck when James Masters came over to our table,  being suddenly unable to ask the questions that I wished to ask of him. The event was also well  catered for with 2 free drinks for every attendee and a solid variety and amount of finger food on offer.


So therefore once again, another successful Supanova has come and gone. Looking forward to Supanova 2012, hopefully this time with a costume of my own!.


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  2. I got a photo with Tom Felton on Sunday morning as well, and while I don’t know anything about someone fainting, the two teenage girls behind me were actually kicked out for “behaving inappropriately” towards Tom. I’m not entirely sure what happened, because I was ushered away from the photo room so quickly, but I saw them being escorted out in tears, asking the volunteers to apologise to him for them.

    I’d talked to them briefly while waiting in line, from when they first lined up to when we were near the front of the line, they’d worked themselves near to hysterics. I haven’t seen anything like it before at Supernova.

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