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That is me above at Sydney Supanova this weekend.   I will start with a few notes on the structure of this page.   I will start with a few general comments on the event, a more specific review of each day, including photo opportunities and panels attended, and in each of these sections include a cosplay gallery.   As such, if you are looking for a photo of yourself and only attended one day, you can skip immediately to the relevant heading.

General Comments

A regular feature of the conventions I have attended to date have been concerning the level of organisation of the event, with some comments from readers giving their own feedback.   In general, the organisation of Supanova in both Sydney last year and Brisbane this year getting some very poor comments, especially in comparison to the organisation of Armageddon.   Sydnova this year was certainly not without problems.   There was confusion of where to line up for those that had arrived early on Saturday and Sunday.   There was a large crows in the venue that perhaps was too large for the allotted space.    There is no question more people attended this year as it got a little claustrophobic at times.   This said, there was a great improvement in organisation in comparison to last year.   Despite the occasional expected technical difficulty or late running celebrity, things ran pretty close to time, and the fact that photo times were made readily available in the showbags of attendees meant that this year I was not lining up for 4 hours for my photo of choice.   I can also understand why photo tokens were photo session specific, as they could easily co-ordinate a manageable number of photos for each session.   This was most apparent for Tom Felton photos, which I believe they had to stop selling early Sunday morning.

So in summary, there are still some areas the Supanova team can tweak, especially at the entry to the venue, but they have overall learn from previous mistakes and made a more enjoyable event this year.

Preview Night

Getting in to the event did run on Supanova time, though I recall we were let in within half an hour of the listed opening time.   I rushed straight for the photo tokens line, and was first in line of the non-special ticket holders.   This was both a curse and a blessing.   Many VIPs were attending the event, so I was in line for the entire opening ceremony.   In the end however, i think I made the right decision, as the lines for autograph and photo tokens on Saturday and Sunday were heart-breakingly long.   I did get into the I dream of Jeannie cast panel just in time though, and overall that was quite entertaining.

The actors in real life shared parallels with their characters.   Larry Hsgman was the straight man, a bit cantankerous old man, but he still seemed to be enjoying himself and got into the spirit of the event.   Barbara Eden was simply adorable, and still looks beautiful despite her years.   Bill Daily was the comic relief, and certainly provided a lot of impromptu laughs.   My favourite moment was him asking a young lady that complimented him before her question if she was single.   A charity auction was held for a replica Jeannie bottle signed by the entire cast, which went for $1100.   When Larry Hagman saw the winner was with his family, he invited them all up for a photo with them, a move of generosity which I admired him for.    Here are a few of my less blurry panel photos.








Following this panel, we were told that due to technical difficulties, the promised viewing of the first two episodes of SciFi’s Lost Girl would not be happening.   This being the case I went to get a few cosplay pics, and was about to leave when the technical difficulties were solved and the show went on.   Most people had left already, and there were 10 or 20 people left watching it.   I intend to review this sneak peek in a future post.   I will say my first impression were very good however.

Now for the cosplay…













I had an early start and was in line by 6.15am.   I was not first, but I was very close to the front.   We were allowed in out of the cold before 10am, which I appreciated, however we were held up prior to entering the main area of the Dome until official start time.   I t seemed a little cruel, but being at the front, I got a good look at Green Hornet’s Black Beauty, which was on display.

When we were allowed in, as there were no early panels I wanted to see, I wandered the stalls.   There were all the regular favourites of mine from previous conventions (Cernat Collectibles, Kings Comics, Global Gear), and one that I think was there previously but I only noticed, and spent a lot of money in, this time (Popcultcha).   Having seen many before a little of the novelty has worn off, it is true, but it is great to get geeky things for less than website retail.   It is also nice to see the merchandise of interstate stores without guessing quality from internet images.

My first photo-op was with James Marsters.   There is not a lot of time to say much at these times, but he came across as very relaxed, and his enthusiasm to meet the fans was high (an enthusiasm that never dies the entire weekend).

I then rushed off to get my spot at Amy Acker’s Q&A.   She was absolutely delightful, and very much like her character in Angel.   She was very giggly and giving, informing us of David Boreanaz playing pranks on set, and claiming credit for Summer Glau’s career (her ballet history led to the ballet episode of Angel, in which Glau starred).   I apologise I could not get many good pics, but here is what I could salvage.

After grabbing a bite to eat, grabbing photos and hugs with multiple V for Vendetta fans, and letting my money burn a bigger hole in my pockets, I attended Sean Maher’s panel.   I will admit, I attended more out of my Firefly love than I did for Maher himself.   I will say I found him quite engaging on stage.   He was somewhat of a comedian, and really engaged with the fans.   He even allayed some people’s fears that Morena Baccarin will never get to Australia (she has cancelled last-minute on numerous Australia conventions), indicating that she was devastated to cancel again, but she really had no choice.   I will admit, I identified actor with character, Simon Tan being so straight-laced.   Sean Maher was not the best panel of the weekend, but I am sure glad that I did not miss it.   Sadly every single shot I got was blurry, as I was far back, but here are the two best shots.





This was the only occasion which I wanted to see two panels back to back, with Gareth David-Lloyd up next.   There was a bit of a nightmare that they kicked everyone out of the theatre and had them join an already long line to get back in.   After initially being peeved at losing my prime real estate (4th row), I acknowledged the fairness of this for those that had been standing in line waiting.   One girl was not so forgiving, who was in crying hysterics claiming she would not have seen Sean Maher if she knew about this.   She jumped in front of me mistaking the curve in the line for the end of the line, but given how she was I was not daring to say anything.   To her credit, she did apologise though.

Speaking of Gareth David-Lloyd’s panel, he did not disappoint.   Being the first Whoniverse actor I have gotten to see, I was a little star struck.   It was also one of the most unique Q&As I have seen, with David-Lloyd giving prizes for the best questions (or asking stuff to be taken for absolutely stupid ones… hilarious).   He opened the session by answering the one question he gets asked all the time before anyone had a chance, and he claimed John Barrowman is a rubbish kisser.   This definitely tied for first place for my favourite Q&A, the next being on Sunday.









I stayed pretty late, but did not have tickets to the James Marsters concert, which given the reaction I have heard since, was a big mistake.   I will be looking up his material online now, that is for sure.

Cosplay time… and I warn this is the day I took a LOT of pics!































Much of what can be said for the Saturday can be said for Sunday.   The only part that sucked is that the early starters that arive at 6am and earlier lined the same place as yesterday, only to be told it was the wrong dore and join the long line that existed at 9.30am.   This is an area the conveners can really work on for future events.   I was lucky that Bride of Film Nerd joined me on this day, her exams over for another semester, and that I coulds join her in the fist place of the cash line for early entry.   Her first goal was to get a photo with Tom Felton while I saved our seats for the James Marsters panel.

James Marsters panel was the one to tie with Gareth David-Lloyd.   He was really there to satisfy his fans, and was really full of energy and loving being a part of the event.   One answer he gave to a question stuck with me, when he was asked, with the audience in his thrall, what would he do.   He went on to describe the celebrities as the excuse for like-minded people to get together at events such as these.   He identified the real magic of the even came from friendships made just by chatting in lines (something that is very true for those that embrace the event).









I had another period of lining up after this getting the two other professional photos that I had purchased.


Postnova Party

The main reason I signed up for this was that the two stars I was most interested in seeing at Supanova, James Marsters and Gareth David-Lloyd, were appearing at this event.   I expected to be segregated from the stars, and having a panel with fewer people, with canapes being served.   It was much better.   For me this was the highlight of the event, the celebrities heading to each group if people and having a chat.   So yes, I sat next to Gareth David-Lloyd.  H e was even good enough to chat with Fourthverse on my phone, as she was unable to attend this event (when that phone dies, it will be encased in its own glass air tight cabinet!!).   He was a true gentleman.   And yes, I sat next to James Marsters, who was also just as cool, and his passion and knowledge for music was incredible.   He also shared a hilarious story with us of one time when he was younger seeing The Clash.    If the opportunity for a Postnova party is offered next year, I have no qualms about going again.

Concluding remarks

Supanova has picked ups its game with this event.   Next year they may want to consider a larger venue, and thy may wish to more clearly signpost where patrons are supposed to line up, but aside from this it was a great event with very giving celebrities, a lot of fun cosplay, and collectibles to make any true geek salivate.   Bring on Sydnova 2012 (and if cash permits Brisnova, Melbourne, Perth….)

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    • Wow, you covered the event really well. Brings back many good (and thankfully recent memories) I like how you included the periods of lining up an inevitable part of both the Sydnova and Brisnova experience.

      (so weird i remember your face from the line for Gareth’s panel.)

  2. I think they will stay in the same venue, no matter how many people turn up cause they dont want to hand the cash from the door over to a ticketing agency, and if they moved to another venue they would have to do exactly that. From the looks of it the main reason of the turn out was the harry potter fan girls so maybe next year they wont return and so it wont be so busy. It is painfully obvious that they are trying to save money and dodge tax by not using a ticketing agency (so they dont have to declare) resulting in such long queues at the entrance, they could of used an extra till for autos and photos.

  3. Hi there…

    I’m from Perth and it’s the first time I’m preparing way ahead of Supanova – my first time was pretty overwhelming…and the second time, well, it was pretty boring. Now, I’m more excited than ever! Saying that, I kinda want to ask some questions based from your experiences, if you don’t mind?

    – Was the line for those who pre-bought their tickets fairly long?
    – I kinda asked the question above because I wanted to go to the Tom Felton photo session as well, and I’m a bit worried that for the day that I’ll be there, we’ll be there expecting a very very long line (we’ll be there roughly 8:50 – 9:00am) and won’t get a chance to buy tokens and all that.

    But yeah, your review of your experiences at Supanova makes me (and mostly my brother, who’s jumping right now…) more pumped to go… 😀

    • Hi Etondreamer,

      I arrived both days before 6.30am, and there were probably about 10 people there. This remained the case for some time. From memory, the line started to really grow around 8.30am. I am not sure how they will run things with Perth, but on Saturday those that had attended the preview night got in quickly, and the ticket holders were not greatly delayed. They really screwed up Sunday though, as mentioned in thomas’ reply to this post, and those that paid cash got in quicker than the ticket holders. So unfortunately, it is hard to say who will get in quicker. If you do decide to pay at the door though, you will get in much easier if you pay by cash.

      As for photo lines, I do not have good news, and my wife goes into some detail about that in her summary of the event ( There were long lines to buy tokens before there was another long line for the photos. If you cannot attend the preview night, my advice is to get your token from the Supanova store first thing upon entry, and aim for the afternoon Tom Felton session. Then I would try to line up for that no later than half an hour before it is due to start, or even better, 45 minutes beforehand.

      I am not sure if these tips will help, as even the volunteers often seem confused as to what is happening, and the Perth set up may differ to Sydney’s. The Perth event guide is available on the Supanova website however, and I personally found the Sydney guide helpful in planning my day. Good luck with your photos, and I really hope you enjoy the event!

      • Thanks for the reply 😀

        I’m hoping Perth is not as busy as Sydney’s (but I doubt it) though…

        “…aim for the afternoon Tom Felton session. Then I would try to line up for that no later than half an hour before it is due to start, or even better, 45 minutes beforehand.” -> when you said that, does it mean that there’s a chance that even with a token in my hand, that I won’t get a photo (or is it just so that I can leave and go around stalls much faster?) 😀

        Yeah, sorry ’bout my questions, I just wanted to leave there happy and contented with what Supanova has to offer this year.

        **going to consult the guide again**

    • Please do not apologise for the questions, I am more than happy to help out, given I once also had a fist time at Supanova and didn’t know how to make the best of it (that time I regret missing a panel I really wanted to see!!)

      To my knowledge, they only turned away people if they held a token for the wrong session time. The tokens are valid for one session only, and cannot be used in any other session for the same star. If you looked at Bride of Film Nerd’s report, however, they stopped selling Felton Tokens Sunday morning as there was no way they could get everyone “better safe than sorry” philosophy, and I would much rather a photo with a star than a refund!

      You also have a point about getting to the stalls faster. Some exhibitors do a lot of business, and some have limited edition items (Global Gear sells replica swords, I was tempted by Narsil, Aragorn’s blade in Lord of the Rings, but missed out wqhile debating whether I could afford it or not). In the end, I guess the best advice is, if you have to miss something on the day, what would you regret missing the least, then use the schedule to plan your day accordingly.

      Do not hesitate if you have any other questions!

  4. Thank you so much for this super report! The comments about James Marsters made me smile. And I especially enjoyed looking at your pictures of folks in costume, one of the things that I love about conventions, how people aren’t afraid to get creative and have fun!

  5. Only went to the Nova After Party on Sunday night, both Gareth and James were friendly and fun, I just wished it had been longer.

  6. This was my first experience of Supanova. My main reason to go was to see Gareth and James and to take my daughter to see the I dream of Jeanie cast. Apart from the massive queues and not knowing where they start or end I really enjoyed it. I also found both Gareths and James talk the best of the event I could have sat and listened to James all day he was so good with the fans. Overall I spent way too much money but had a fantastic time and will definitely go again next year.

  7. I have been a huge fan since I first saw Torchwood. The show shall not be the same without you. There is several times that I felt you carried the show. Thank you for the great entertainment and memories from the show. I have and do hope that one day I will get the opportunity to meet you in person. Have a great day and keep up the wonderful work. You are great.

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