Podcast is back online!!

I told you were were gearing up at this site again.   A new episode of the podcast is up, called “J.J. gets Lost on a Trek to Alderaan”.   As you may have guessed it is themed everything JJ Abrams, with a discussion on his earlier TV work and films, a spoilery analysis of Star Trek Into Darkness, and a discussion of our hopes for the next Star Wars trilogy.

Listen…. it is an episode surprisingly full of segues, and yet at the same time it has such…. gravitas!




Xbox One: Gaming Console or Home Entertainment Unit


Earlier today Microsoft revealed their next generation console, the Xbox One. If you haven’t seen the launch video, check it out here. Otherwise, I have put together some of the main points discussed and questions posed of Microsoft’s new baby. Continue reading


We3, a review by PowerGrid

By Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely


We3 has got to be one of my favourite graphic novels of all time and I’m super excited to review it. It’s a violent, heartbreaking and disturbing, yet a heart warming and touching tale. It’s really a rollercoaster of emotions the creators have packed into a short 104 pages.

We3 follows three animals which have been developed as new forms of weapon technology. Equipped with awesome firing power and a naive sense of the world around them, the animals break free in search of ‘home’.

The fantastic thing about this graphic novel is its ability to suck a reader into this world and effectively tell this story in a hundred or so words. The writers and artists have worked perfectly in sync with each other. An extensive background is omitted, but we are given an insight into our protagonists past lives on 3 separate pages. I think what we are given is enough, anymore details and it would strip bare the mood of this comic, and not in a sexy or appealing way.

We are not given much dialogue either, but the beauty of this tale is that it is not needed. The wonderful and vivid panels are enough to convey emotion and tell a story. There are breath taking moments and instances of brilliance in the artworks.

As I said, this is one of my favourite graphic novels which I revisit every so often. It’s a one off tale with no continuance, so if you’re at a comic book store and are looking for something to start you off, but you’re not ready to commit to a long running or ongoing series, then this is the one for you. It’ll take you on a fantastic journey of tragedy and heartbreak, but leaves you with a tear in your eye and a smile on your face.

9 / 10

Apologies – Revenge of the Film Nerds will be back to regular posting soon

Regular readers,

I turns out moving house and changing careers can make one very busy.   Unfortunately, that also means that I have not had much time to put up posts more often.   It can be frustrating at times, given that some fantastic things have been happening in the world of pop culture.   We have a new Trek film, another Supanova coming up in a month’s time that looks like a corker, and a Doctor Who finale to leave any fan gobsmacked..

Things are beginning to settle though, and more posts will be up in the near future.   Scott and I are gearing up for another episode of our podcast, and there are even perhaps a few surprises in store.

So bear with us, there is more to come from Revenge of the Film Nerds!!

Podcast progress!

It is amazing what an extended period away from the net can do to a person.   I have spent the last fortnight moving house, which also included shifting my internet service from one address to another.   As such, I have been unable to come back here and update everyone on the latest films or pop culture goodies that have caught my fancy.   I am back now however, and I have not forgotten Film Nerds in my absence!

iron-man-3-poster1 man-of-steel-poster-THOR-The-Dark-World-teaser-poster-thor-the-dark-world-32619396-1024-1619






That’s right, the latest episode of the podcast is up and ready for downloading.   Entitled “Iron Man, Superman and Thor walk into a bar…”, we discuss our joys at a midnight screening of Iron Man 3, and our excitement over two trailers from the last week… Man of Steel and Thor: The Dark World.


Also watch this space for my latest entry in my series of Doctor Who reviews.   Next up I will be discussing Christopher Ecclestone’s ninth Doctor.

Lords of Time – Convention report

Two days ago, Revenge of the Film Nerds were guests of Culture Shock Events at the Lords of Time convention in Sydney.   The con featured seven guests most famous for their contributions to Doctor Who, which this year celebrates its 50th year since it first hit our television screens.

First up, the event features Janet Fielding, whom played Tegan Jovanka, companion to the 5th Doctor.   It also featured John Leeson, the voice of K-9, and Nicholas Briggs, who is the modern voice of both Daleks and Cybermen, as well as various other aliens. Most fans were there, however, to meet four Doctors.   Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, and Paul McGann were all in attendance.   Catch the video of our interview with them below;


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Lords of Time Double Pass Competition winner

We have a winner!!



EmmJ wrote into our competition, and provided the following response to our question, Who is your Favourite Doctor and why?;

The eighth doctor - he's so underrated, and I love the way he makes
so many fanboys rage with his on-screen sexytimes.
But also, I like that he's idealistic, has a good reason for 
dressing anachronistically, and he had the first non-white human 

A great response, and we absolutely agree.   EmmJ, you and a friend now get to meet the Eighth Doctor, as well as the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh, at Lords of Time tomorrow.   We hope you have a fantastic time!!

Eighth Doctor



Win a Double Pass to Lords of Time this Sunday!!

CSE Logo


Competition time!!

Those that have been following our Podcast will be aware that in our last episode we had an interview with Robbie, director of Culture Shock Events.   In said interview, he offered us a double pass to Lords of Time this weekend at Rydges World Square.   The event features FOUR Doctors!!   That’s right, four!!    Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, and Paul McGann.   If that is not enough, they have Janet Fielding, who played companion Tegan Jovanka to Davison’s Doctor, John Leeson the voice of K-9, and Nicholas Briggs who is the modern voice of the Daleks.


There are only 17 tickets left to the event, so this could be your last chance to get in.   For your chance to win, tell us who your favourite Doctor is and why in the form below.   Entries close at midnight this Friday, with winners to be contacted on Saturday.

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Doctor Who – The Eighth Doctor

Played by: Paul McGann

When: 1996

Significant contributions to the Whoniverse:   Doctor Who had been off the air for seven years when the first attempt at a reboot was attempted.   A such, the most significant contribution of McGann to the Whoniverse is the fact that Doctor Who has survived at all.   Talk that the 1996 telemovie was to be a reboot for the series never became reality, but the fact it happened at all proved there was still interest alive and well in the franchise.

Being a reboot, it was a big event and some significant additions to Whovian lore.   A new function of the Eye of Harmony was revealed.   The Eye has appeared previously, originally in the Fourth Doctor’s era.   It is an artificial black hole which provides the power for Gallifrey and for time travel technology.   In the telemovie, a resurrected Master attempts to use the eye to steal the Doctor’s remaining regenerations for himself.

Another element introduced in this film, though subsequently ignored in future incarnations of the Doctor, is the implication that the Doctor is half human.   While making a significant plot point in this story, it seems now to be flatly denied.   I have read that explanations have been flying around the interwebs and in print media of the further adventures of the Doctor, including that this particular incarnation alone is half human.   In the end though, I find it amazing the lengths people can go to explain away a plot discrepancy    In the end, it is just an introduced idea into the franchise which was later decided to be dropped.

Eighth Doctor

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A Good Day to Die Hard

Director: John Moore

Cast: Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney, Sebastian Koch, Mary Elzabeth Winstead, Yulia Snigir

Synopsis: John McClane is off to Moscow after tracking down his estranged son Jack, whom is facing a prison sentence due to various nefarious dealings.   John is outside the courthouse when a major escape is attempted.   Unfortunately, John intervenes and ruins Jack’s attempt to extricate another political prisoner, given that he is actually working for the CIA.


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