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The following is an index of everything else that did not fit in to a nice neat category for indexing.   Whether it be an attempt to rewrite problematic prequel trilogies, reflecting on a period in audio-visual history as opposed to a single film or television series, or commemorating a great sci-fi actor at the time of their passing, you can find those posts here.


Coming soon (at time of posting)

The First Avengers trailer is live…

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

Shock Horror: A Culture Shock Event

Ted (Sponsored video)

Wild Boys sneak peek

Upcoming genre films in 2011

Upcoming genre films in 2011 part deux


Completely random

The detrimental effect of expectations on the enjoyment of a film

Doctor Who

48th Anniversary

Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular – A Review


The First Doctor

The Second Doctor

The Third Doctor

The Fourth Doctor

The Fifth Doctor



The Increasing Trend of Internet Dependence in the Gaming Industry


Geek Gear

Birthday Boast Post

Mario cushions

Supanova purchases


The Lord of the Rings

Diary of a LOTR marathon

Extended editions now on Blu-ray, first opening of the box

Film Nerd and Bride of Film Nerd in Middle-Earth: North Island

Film Nerd and Bride of Film Nerd in Middle-Earth: South Island


Harry Potter

Pottermore is Live

Harry Potter: The Exhibition



The Podcast is Live!

Revenge of the Film Nerds Podcast – Coming Soon



Nicholas Courtney

Elisabeth Sladen

Mary Tamm


Set Visit

Weekly Rental 14th November 2011


Site updates

100th post!!!

250th Post

2010 in review

2011 in review

Another writer in our midst

Apologies – Beauty and the Geek Season 4 Episode 2 review up tomorrow

Apologies to regular readers

Assessment Hiatus

Film Nerd – Mild Mannered Reporter

Film Nerds on Hiatus

Film Nerds take Revenge

Geek Pride Day

Revenge of the Film Nerds Logo

Revenge of the Film Nerds Podcast – Coming Soon


RotFN welcomes new author, PowerGrid!

Revenge of the Film Nerds welcomes our new contributor, Strider!

We are now Mr. and Mrs. Film Nerd

We are on Twitter!

Welcome to SchmandaRose


Star Trek

OzTrek 8 – Assimilate

Star Wars prequels re-imagined

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III


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