San Diego Comic-Con Cosplay Gallery Round-Up

Being a resident of Sydney, unfortunately the price of attending geek-mecca event Comic-Con becomes exceedingly expensive, and, frankly, beyond my budget.   I can live vicariously through the internet though, so since this weekend’s event, I have been trawling the inter-webs for all the best cosplay galleries so that you don’t have to!!

Image taken from Comic Vine's San Diego Comic-Con cosplay gallery, linked below.

Comic Vine

Easily the most exhaustive gallery, with over 1100 pics to browse.   You can kill a few good hours checking this album out.

Now Public

A small gallery of under 20 images, but there are more than few decent cosplay efforts here.

Yahoo Movies

Another very decently sized gallery, currently sitting at 115 images.

The Guardian UK

Under 20 images, but mostly professional shots including some celebrities.


135 more pics here, and some real gems!   This link takes you to the first page of 6, or you can also view them all in a slide show. “Hotties” focus

Two galleries from the same site.   There is some repetition, but I link both here so you can choose the gallery of your preference!


UPDATE 26.07.11


Another 74 images, with a focus on particularly impressive costumes.

Adrianne Curry’s banned Aeon Flux costume

Superficial Adrianne Curry Gallery

As presented on personal favourite blog Blastr, followed by a gallery by The Superficial.   I am inclined to agree with the Blastr columnist… in comparison to all the slave Leias, this costume is relatively tame!!


Most of these are seen elsewhere, but this is another “sexy costume” compilation.   This one has both guys and girls, though.

UGO Masquerade gallery

Photos from contestants in the annual masquerade.

Rolling Stone

A few fresh images here, smaller gallery of 34 pics.

Rotten Tomatoes

Another big gallery, close to 200 pics.   I don’t recognise from this one, though after Comic Vine’s gallery, many of the cosplayers are recognisable.

Nerd Reactor

A blog with numerous SDCC posts, with a gallery for each day.


This is a huge list already, and more galleries are popping up by the hour.   Any good ones I have missed please feel free to leave in a comment below.

Bride of Film Nerd’s summary of Supanova is now live!!

As indicated earlier, my lovely wife wishes to add her own thoughts of her Sydnova experience this year.   Please click the following link to read what she has to say!!

Bride of Film Nerd’s summary.


Armageddon Sydney 2011

Revenge of the Film Nerds have continued their noble mission of exploring the world of Sydney geekdom by attending Armageddon at the Dome in Olympic Park this weekend.   Our reviews and photos are in progress, but please feel free to see what we have made available online so far….

Armageddon Sydney 2011

Film Nerd and Bride of Film Nerd Summary


Film Nerd, Matrix style