Doctor Who – The 48th anniversary

Technically as I write this, it is the 24th of November here in Australia, but it is still the 23rd of November in the UK, so I am still in time to celebrate the first ever airing of Doctor Who 48 years ago.   To commemorate this occasion, I have decided to repost my thoughts on the First Doctor, as originally published here.   For those that are interested, I have also posted summaries for the Second and Third Doctors, and shall continue with the Fourth Doctor in a few short weeks!!

The First Doctor

Played by: William Hartnell

When: 1963-1966

Significant contributions to the Whoniverse: William Hartnell was the first man to bring the good Doctor to our screens.   As early as his second serial, he faced off against what became the most popular Doctor Who villain ever, the Daleks.   In addition, in his final season, the Cybermen were also introduced.    Through the First Doctor, we learn of his vessel the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space), which can take him anywhere and any time that he wishes.   This is technology of his kind, the Time Lords.   In the first episode, it is situated in 1960s London, disguised as a police box due to its chameleon circuit.   Unfortunately, after this point, the chameleon circuit is broken, meaning the TARDIS retains this shape in all of its adventures.

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