The cake is a lie- Portal

First of all, this post is for Cyber Siren (who had the original idea) and Fourthverse (who egged me to do it). It is a tribute to the cake featured in Portal, a lovely looking black forest cake….

However making a black forest cake, although one of my favourite cakes, does not exactly make the cake a lie, does it?????

So Gourmet Geek presents a cake that is a lie…..

It is a meatloaf cake!!!!!!!

Not only is this cake a meal in one slice, it is also the perfect birthday cake for the carnivore in your life, or a great centrepiece at an anti- vegetarian function. Hell, it can probably even be modified to be a pet dog’s birthday cake if you so wish. So without further ado, here is how to make it.






Meatloaf Cake

Adapted from Martha Stewart

You will need:

  1. your favorite meatloaf recipe, preferably one that uses at least a kilo of mince (I would publish mine, however as it is a cherished family recipe, my mother would kill me if I did). Make sure that your recipe uses enough eggs to hold it together. Here are some links to similar recipes, if you have never made a meatloaf before.
  2. Two 20cm round cake pans
  3. 300g bag of instant mash potato (can also make your own mash, however I did not have time to put the mash through a potato ricer in order to get the smooth texture that is needed, so I used the instant kind)
  4. 1 cup (250g) frozen mixed vegetables
  5. 6 cherry tomatoes
  6. Piping bag fitted with star nozzle

1. Grease the cake pans and line with alfoil

2.  Make meatloaf mix according to recipe used. Divide mix evenly between prepared pans.

3. Bake meatloaves at approx 350°F/ 180°C/160°C (fan forced), until cooked through. Drain excess juices and leave to cool slightly in pans.

4. Meanwhile, cook vegetables according to packet instructions and make mash potato. Take a quarter of the mash potato mix and fold this through the cooked and drained vegetables (this will be the middle filling).

5. To assemble meatloaf, place one meatloaf round onto serving plate. Spread meatloaf with mash/veggie mix and top with second meatloaf round.

6. Spread top and sides of meatloaf with mash potato, adding more liquid if needed to keep mash at a smooth consistency. Pipe leftover mash potato using star-shaped nozzle around sides of cake and top. Top cake with halved cherry tomatoes.

7. Enjoy!