The Sonic Screwdriver 11

Recently, I road-tested the Sonic Screwdriver, a vodka and orange derivative drink that was blue in colour to represent the business end of the Ninth and Tenth Doctors’ sonic screwdriver.   The Eleventh Doctor, however, has a green glow to his screwdriver, so I set about to try to adapt the recipe to suit.

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Introducing Gourmet Geek

My Bride and I have had an idea that has slowly been coming to boil, but we have held off until now in case it came off a little half-baked. We feared the elements of the idea were not yet fully ripe.   This weekend however the cloche will be lifted, and our readers will be introduced to our new segment, Gourmet Geek.

The idea is that we will be making food and beverages that are inspired or influenced by some element of pop culture.   Our own take on the Klingon delicacy Gagh washed down with Bloodwine or Butterbeer with chocolate frogs, we will give it a go.   In each case one of us will play the role of chef….

and the other will be the assistant taste tester….

This weekend it starts, with myself providing recipes for tried and true James Bond themed cocktails, while Bride of Film Nerd will assemble the Eleventh Doctor’s favourite delicacy, Fish Fingers and Custard (I will have the Fourth Doctor’s jelly babies on standby in case I need them!!)