Red Dwarf X

Created by: Rob Grant, Doug Naylor

Cast: Craig Charles, Chris Barrie, Robert Llewellyn, Danny John-Jules

Synopsis: In a return to the original formula, it is the four guys alone again roaming the universe on Red Dwarf.   As a result, the humour returns to a more classic mix in this great set of six episodes.   There is also a series conclusion which bring the whole ten series to date to a satisfying conclusion.



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Interviews from A Smegging Good Weekend



Good things come to those who wait.   This is a much larger file, as not only did we get an interview with Danny John-Jules and Craig Charles together, Charles then proceeded to crash our interview with Robert Llewellyn.   Laughter is definitely one result of this video…….


A Smegging Good Weekend – Convention report



It was indeed a Smegging good weekend when a Star Trek convention is followed by a Red Dwarf convention.   Thanks to Culture Shock Events, Craig Charles (Dave Lister), Danny John-Jules (The Cat) and Robert Llewellyn (Kryten), Sydney-siders got to meet almost the entire lead cast of the show.   Revenge of the Film Nerds spent the event “back-stage”, and has recorded a few interviews with the guys, which shall be uploaded onto the site at some point later this week.



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Red Dwarf: Back to Earth

Created by: Rob Grant, Doug Naylor

Cast: Craig Charles, Chris Barrie, Robert Llewelyn, Danny John-Jules

Synopsis: It is many years after the events of Season VIII, it is just the four guys on Red Dwarf once again, and Rimmer is once again a hologram.   Kochanski has disappeared, presumed dead.   An alien squid is inhabiting the Red Dwarf water supply, but proves to be the tool to travel to an alternate dimension.   In 2009 Earth, Red Dwarf is just a TV show featuring all the characters we know and love….

back to earth


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Red Dwarf – Just the Shows V-VIII

Created by: Rob Grant, Doug Naylor

Cast: Craig Charles, Chris Barrie, Robert Llewelyn, Danny John-Jules, Chloe Annett

Synopsis: The continuing adventures of the remaining crew of the mining ship Red Dwarf.   However, the ship is stolen, leaving the guys in hot pursuit in the shuttle-like craft Starbug.   This set sees the recurring alter egos of some of the crew, Ace Rimmer and Dwayne Dibley, and the crew gets an addition, with Lister’s love interest Kristine Kochanski joining the crew from an alternate timeline dimension.



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Culture Shock Events – Venue Change

CSE Logo


As many readers may be aware, we have been promoting conventions run by Culture Shock Events for some time, and we are delighted to hear that they have sold many tickets for their events coming up in three weeks, those being OzTrek 9 on Saturday February 2nd featuring both Dax’s from Deep Space 9, Terry Farrell and Nicole De Boer, and A Smegging Good Weekend on Sunday February 3rd featuring the boys from the Dwarf Craig Charles, Robert Llewelyn and Danny John Jules.

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Red Dwarf – Just the Shows I-IV

Created by: Rob Grant and Doug Naylor

Cast: Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules, Robert Llewellyn, Norman Lovett, Hattie Hayridge

Synopsis: A sci-fi comedy series which follows the unfortunate situation as live by Dave Lister (Charles).   After being caught bringing a cat aboard the mining ship Red Dwarf, Lister is put into suspended animation.   He is woken 3 million years later finding the rest of the crew dead from a radiation leak which had only now dissipated enough to support life on the ship again.   He was revived by senile ships computer Holly (Lovett, before the character has a sex change and is played by Hayridge), who created a hologram to keep him company… of the man he hated most on the ship, pompous but useless Arnold Rimmer (Barrie).   In addition, there is a creature that evolved from his pet cat (John-Jules), and a service mechanoid Kryten (Llewelyn), whom they meet on their travels.


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A Smegging Good Trek – Two Culture Shock Events in Two Days

Culture Shock Events always puts on a great show for fans.   Whilst their events are slightly more price-y than your regular Supanova or Armageddon, the events have a much tighter focus and a more intimate meeting with the stars of our favourite shows.   If price is an issue for you though, for the events I advertise here, there is a Christmas sale.   Non-members can get in for the price of members!!   If you wish to attend either of the events advertised below, enter the bookings section of the Culture Shock Events website, and buy a member pass to the event.   The code to enter in the comments section upon booking is #cse-Xmas.   This sale will be available until December 24th, so get in before you miss out.

So, what are these two amazing events being held??   Read on…..

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