Gametraders Blacktown – 2nd Birthday celebrations NEXT Sunday!

Anyone who visits this site regularly knows that we love one store more than any other.   We first visited Gametraders Blacktown a year ago for their first birthday celebrations and had a wild time, as can be seen by the links here;

Gametraders Blacktown First Birthday – Saturday

Gametraders Blacktown First Birthday – Sunday

Next weekend Gametraders Blacktown celebrates their second birthday.   There will be competitions, Stormtroopers, cosplay, and a lot of fun in general.   So help Revenge of the Film Nerds celebrate a year of spending way to much money and come along!!

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Great Treasures at Gametraders – 30th November 2011

On Friday just passed, there was a huge delivery of collectibles received in store.   Some of them have already sold out, but there is still a lot of awesome stuff left, with yet more due early next week.   Lets take a peek.

Doctor Who goodies

The items pictured above have both been in stock before, but they make a welcome return after being sold out for a while.   I already own both the Disappearing TARDIS Coffee Mug and the TARDIS cookie jar, and can personally vouch for their sheer awesomeness.   (Doctor) Who can refuse having a TARDIS dematerialise before their very eyes on their own mug, let alone a cookie jar that lights up and makes the dematerialising noise when you close it.   No it is NOT bigger on the inside, but hopefully that development is just a few years away.

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Great Treasures at Gametraders – 16th November 2011

Anyone who has not been into Gametraders Blacktown in the last week, be prepared to be amazed.   In one short week there has been an abundance of new stock delivered to the store, ready to transport any pop culture enthusiast to Nerdvana.

New Games

Assassins Creed: Revelations

This is the latest instalment in the insanely popular Assassin’s Creed franchise, and not only do Gametraders have the game on offer, but also a wide range of merchandise to complement the release of the game, including the figurines pictured below.   As in store, and you can get some great deals bundling any of these items with the game!!

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