Torchwood: Miracle Day Episode 6 – The Middle Men

Created by: Russell T. Davies

Cast: John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Mekhi Phifer, Alexa Havins, Kai Owen, Marc Vann, Ernie Hudson

Synopsis: Now knowing the horrifying truth of the modules, Gwen attempts another rescue of her father to prevent him too becoming a victim.   Jack tracks down a Phicorp manager for answers, to only end up with more questions.   Rex is attempting his escape from his infiltration mission with his evidence, but luck is not on his side.

As warned in my last post, if you have not yet seen episode 5, The Categories of Life, then this post will contain spoilers.   So keep reading at your own risk.   I initially feared that after the big reveals of the last episode, and the death of what had up until now been a main character, Dr, Juarez, that this episode would slow things down a bit to build drama again until the season finale.   Largely I was correct in this assumption… up to a point.   The more slow-burn drama is pretty exciting stuff, but then Rex and Esther get into some pretty hot water, and then Gwen really ends the episode with some spectacular stuff.

The title of the episode goes a long way to explain the general theme.   Both Rex and Jack are looking for men of authority to get the information they need to unlock the secrets to Miracle Day.   Unfortunately for both they get stuck with men who have some power, but answer to an even greater authority.   Jack gets the luckier end of the deal, meeting with a manager of Phicorp (Ghostbuster’s Hudson, above).   He is a non-violent type whom is just as perplexed and curious as Jack, though he does manage to share what he does know.   Rex gets a much tougher deal, being at the mercy of Maloney (Vann), whom the audience is already aware is responsible for shooting and then incinerating Vera.   Esther also gets tangled in this web of intrigue, and there are some absolutely thrilling moments as a result, both cinematically and dramatically.

Which leaved Gwen and Rhys, whom are largely sidelined for a good portion of the episode, yet Gwen pushes a few emotional buttons convincing an M.D. that what she is practicing is no longer ethical.   This sidelining though leads to Gwen dominating the end of the episode.   Without giving too much away, I was reminded of the recent mid-season climax of Doctor Who, in which the good Doctor rose higher than ever before, only to have is greatest fall.   Eve Myles is great in this last ten minutes, with a performance that encompasses a wide range of emotions.   It is clear that the stakes have now been raised, for the Torchwood team as a whole now seeking to identify the cause of Miracle Day now that the first phase of their goals is complete, and on a very deeply personal level for Gwen.

For an episode that focuses mostly on intrigue and character, it certainly ends on an explosive note.

4 stars out of 5

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